Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some favorite quotes...

Some pretty pictures and favorite quotes...

You're welcome to copy any pic you want... paste, pin, use them as you wish. Enjoy!


  1. Simply beautifull ! Thanks for sharing :)
    I Love the magic in everything here

  2. Cielo, what lovely quotes to go along with such pretty pictures. Thanks again for the inspiration you give.

  3. Every picture tells a story of hope and magic.. And generosity. I used one as my iPad background! I have always wanted the recipe for that round cake on the pretty green cake stand. What is it? Today I am staying home to rest and try to recuperate from some of the bruises of the work world. I am so glad to start my morning with these joyous prints. I think a three day weekend will be good for me, body and soul...

  4. Love all your sweet sentiments, especially the one "you don't have to be rich to sparkle" gorgeous pics..thanks for sharing.


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