Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The last of the roses

This joyful feeling within; the secrets lingering in the autumnal breezes, the voices of (angels?) in the silent garden... and then all the bird songs there are to be and the last of the summer roses intermingling with crimsons and orange and deep burgundy leaves falling down the trees in a manner of rainbow showers. The end of summer and beginning of Autumn—it always happen; this joyful feeling exploding from some secret source within, this yearning which impels me to dance amidst falling leaves and to raise my hands towards heavens in gratitude and thanksgivings. It’s like living inside a dream… Does autumn make you feel like this too?

Usually, I prefer to see my roses in their bushes and seldom cut much during the summer, but frosty nights are here to stay, and although we haven’t had our ‘real’ first frost of the season, they would not last for much longer. So I have brought the last of the roses in…

A bouquet of charming Queen Elizabeth in our Master.

Decoupage books and a long string of silvery beads found at a thrift store, put in a simple jar…

...like stars inside a jar they twinkle… so pretty.

So lovely, and rewarding, to be able to embellish my home with roses from the garden… It’s a bitter-sweet feeling; a farewell really, because I know that this is the last I’ll be seeing of my roses for way too long a while.

Roses in the kitchen… they were tight buds when I put them in water. Some minutes later they started opening… like magic before my eyes!

I also brought in the last of the Black Knight hollyhocks… put some flowers in a little bit of water for moisture.

Being such romantic at heart, I prefer the dim light of little lamps to overhead lights… better yet when you can brighten your rooms with this romantic looking flameless candle lantern!

I got my lanterns at Ross for only $7.99. They have a timer that you can set up at your convenience and, you can either use it indoor or outdoor. I bought three… one for our master, one for the kitchen and yet another one for the front porch. Love them!

Hope you liked my pictures and wish I could share my last of the roses with you..
Good night, everyone!


  1. You are a romantic for sure and also one heck of a photographer. Your photos are exquisite and lovely. The choice of all of the things in them and the way you arrange and display them are so lovely. Very talented you are and very lucky are we to get to share a slice of your world.
    Would love to have those hollyhocks!
    Ruthie from http://wwwladybsblogspot.com

  2. So beautiful! Your roses are amazing!


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