Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October loveliness

Fall is all over town wildly painting leaves and blowing the thick heads of the tall old oaks; swirling and spinning leaves all around in curious dances. Strangely, in the garden still feels like summer. God must know how much I love summer and decided to extend it just a bit longer for me... o maybe I can explain that our garden has it's own little micro-climate? Whatever it is, roses are producing more buds, more leaves, butterflies keep hovering around and about the garden late into the evening and I cannot get enough; cannot get enough of the nimble air and cloudless blue skies. And every morning I wake with a fresh consciousness and the knowledge that one must enjoy every minute of peace and beauty given to us.  For this is a gift.

I love October. A month this beautiful should be at least 40 days long, don't you think so!
"A good life is when you smile often,
dream big, laugh a lot and
realize how blessed you are
for what you have."


  1. I will so miss summer this year, but it seems we are getting an early winter it seems. The temps here have gotten very cold for this time of the year.

  2. Cielo, your roses are always so pretty! Ours are still blooming, as well. I guess Fall has decided to hold off a little while longer!

  3. 40 days sounds good, but 45 would be even better! Yes, October is such and enchanted time, my favorite month. It does still seem like summer with tomatoes still in the garden. Beautiful roses in your post!

  4. Oh yes, October should last.

    But "Golden Oct." that is. We are having a dark, cloudy, rainy, ugh time of it, in my neck of the woods. -sigh-

    Enjoy every minute of yours!


  5. OH LALA je découvre votre blog et j'adore ; il est magnifique tout en délicatesse et toutes ces roses HUUMMM : c'est à tomber et avec cette musique ; j'ai passé un moment merveilleux ; dommage qu'il n'y a pas de traduction et je ne parle pas english !!!!!
    j'espère que vous pourrez traduire !!
    belle soirée et voici mon mail


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