Thursday, October 11, 2012

Be who you are... be yourself!

Outrageous tights! It is OK to wear funky and whimsical styles, even if you look silly in… because, well… it is OK to be yourself!

Just let your behavior flow... Who cares what other people say? As Eleanor Roosevelt said once, "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent" and what matters most is that you listen to your own inner confidence and if it's missing, that you start developing it!

It is OK to be spontaneous. Don't over analyze everything about yourself from your outfit to your hair.

It is OK...

Speak freely without planning every sentence before you open your mouth. Just go with the flow, relax and enjoy yourself.  And I have been all that and done all that today... Why? Because today was my birthday… and a girl have the right to be herself on her special day!

We're all imperfect, growing, learning human beings.
So be happy, be silly, be a dreamer, just be yourself...
today, and every day!


  1. ...a most beautiful blessing to thee!...(:

  2. oh I love this! and your new way of expressing yourself in your pictures! how fun...Happy Happy Birthday!

  3. ha ha this is very funny a leson to be yourself like that love people who are them selfs because that is who the are and if the dont the mis such a great thing in life because there is only one you happy birthday
    youre are also a october child
    greetings leon10

  4. Beautiful post as you are,
    your blog
    and everything you do.

    Happy, happy Birthday dear Cielo!

  5. And that is the most lovely way, to celebrate one's Birthday!

    I think everyone should only *have to do,* what they want to, on their Birthday. :-)

    Happy belated Birthday wishes, to you, Dear One.


  6. A very Happy Birthday to you! Love this post! And those floral tights!!

  7. Lovely post! Beautiful! Happy, happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday and I hope you have many many more. You look great.

  9. wow nice and beautiful wallpapers

  10. wow nice and beautiful wallpapers

  11. Good morning Sheila, Oops. it is noon. That is how fast my life passes by. HA!

    Your post hits the nail on the head. I love the pics and the words are so right on. Great pink too. It makes me so happy to see you posting again.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Love You, jeanne

  12. Oops, I hit enter by mistake. It really is me. smile.

  13. What a lovely post with an important message that is so well expressed. Happy birth day and year to you! ~Zuni

  14. How beautifully expressed. . .be yourself. I have always loved visiting your blog. And a belated birthday to you. May you continue to be as beautiful and delightful as you are. Hugs, Karie

  15. ¡Muchas felicidades Cielo!
    Creo que tienes toda la razón, debemos ser nosotras mismas, no importarnos lo que los demás digan o piensen de nuestro aspecto, porque si una se quiere a si misma, los demás también la querrán.
    Me ha encantado la frase de Eleanor Roosevelt, la mayoría de las veces nos hacen daño porque nosotros estamos dispuestos a aceptar ese daño.
    Disfruta de tu vida y de tu linda familia.
    Con todo el amor desde España

  16. I love your blog and your pictures!

  17. Você esta linda! O seu blog nem se fala! Esta maravilhoso! Continue assim! Beijos!


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