Saturday, October 6, 2012

Autumnal rose

The early autumnal days have brought with them the northern breezes; crisp breezes are blowing leaves this way and that; robbing the trees of their glory and sending them whirling to the ground; whirling in mid air, like mystical ballerinas of a hunted season. Yet, as the garden slowly falls sleep, the roses are still putting on their best show. Their brilliant splash of color the last hurrah before the grey, cold winter sets in.

It amazes me—this persistence in Nature, this endurance and ability to sustain over time... Nature have so much to teach us.

My soul is running over with joy. These magical autumnal days with their bitter-sweet nostalgic feel do that to me... and they have put a spell on the roses too. They're giving giving... and thus, I've been bringing them inside.

Creamy white with a coral edge on perfectly formed blooms Gemini roses. Love them!  

Red Fragrant Cloud roses in bloom on our dinner table... how majestic. Nothing can compare to the beauty of roses.

For whatever reason, I'm never one to decorate much for any season. Perhaps it's because one can never compete with the natural beauty of Nature and thus, I let Mother Nature do most of the embellishing up outside... In any event, I had already decorated the only part of the house I usually adjust to seasons: The dining room area.
I had changed the curtains to match the color of leaves outside and had brought a little bit of autumn indoors with the autumnal ceramic gourds, but alas, roses have my heart...


This is one of my favorite roses ever... Distant Drums.

Nothing can compare to these beauties in lovely clusters of brunette buds that swirl open to reveal ruffles washed with orchid pink... truly magical.

My kitchen is a living paradox where, for a short moment in time, autumn and summer joint hands... I love it!

Oh and I must show you the cutest birdbath I just got from Walmart...

It's a tree stump birdbath with a cute little squirrel on it... I sprayed painted the tree stump brown and the birdbath creamy white.... I tried painting the squirrel the same color I used on the tree stump but made a mess of it... ;) so I had to repainted it the same creamy white color.

Have you ever seem a squirrel this color... an albino squirrel maybe? Humm. Oh well, I love it just the same!
OK, best be off now, but please pretty please don't forget to enjoy those lovely autunmal days in whatever way you can... there's magic, you know... I'm sure you'll know what I mean if you pay close attention to what's unfolding around you.  Magic on the wings of autumn.  Enjoy~.