Tuesday, October 2, 2012

~ White Favorites ~

I've been gathering up pieces of white dishes...

Things I already had,
like cups and teacups, tureens, pitchers, platters, creamers,
sugars, teapots and coffee pots...

And what for, you may ask?
To embellish my new cupboard, of course! 
Oh yes, a long time dream of mine has finally came true,
and on a budget-friendly price too. 
From World Market.

Love love love it!

One by one I collected the pieces and placed them sparingly in the cupboard... didn't want to put too may stuff there... I have this phobia of turning my house a bit like a museum ;) Less is more is my motto. These are the everyday stuff; kitchen utensils and things we use on a daily basis. Everything get to be used. Easy to find. Easy to get. Wish I have some nice large open shelves in-place of traditional upper cabinets, but this would have to do for now...  

A few blooms from the garden... I love simple.

Have a wonderful week friends!



  1. White dishes are so beautiful, perfect for any setting.
    Ciao for now...

  2. I am beginning to love white myself and what to put more of it in my home. Your dishes look lovely.

  3. Your white china is very pretty and nicely displayed. I agree with you that less is more.

  4. this is really nice Cielo,would love to see more of the unit. x

  5. ¡Qué bonita la combinación de todas esas piezas!
    Me encanta atesorar tazas, platos, teteras,... es una pasión heredada de mi abuela, cuando eramos pequeñas nos llevaba a mi hermana y a mi a ver y comprar porcelana y es algo que nos ha quedado dentro y que ahora amamos las tres.
    Un beso y todo el amor desde España.

  6. Showing how lovely, is white...

    And what a perfect place, to keep items used frequently.

    May we please have a picture of the whole cupboard, some day? Please and thank you.


  7. Just lovely. Love white with anything. Beautifully displayed as always.

  8. I share your love for white. Some think it is sterile but definitely not when mixed with natural woods etc. Also my favorite flowers in the garden are always white!
    Love your shelf!

  9. White china is never boring. Your display is again beautiful!

  10. Your new cupboard is lovely and so pretty with all the white china.


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