Sunday, September 16, 2012

Decorating for fall, etc...

Leaves are dropping really early this year. Have you seen it happening in your area too? I think part of that is due to weather stress. It's been such a hot summer around here this year.. Not that I'm complaining. I rather be extremely hot than extremely cold any time... how about you?

One thing I love about the changing of season is changing the decor in my house... a new seasons means a new beginning, new colors, a renewed mood. When the cold weather arrives, I bring out my collection of cozy, fluffy throws to place on furniture for snuggling. But it isn't exactly winter around here yet. Are you adding touches of fall harvest around your home already? I know, I should be too, but...

I can't explain exactly why I'm craving pink this time of year when in fact I should be loving all the vibrant colors of fall—oranges, and deep reds, and maroons and burgundies... but I am. I'm craving pink and I really wanted to change the decor in our "white" room to pink. Oh I'm not painting the furniture here, but I've been sprinkling the room with some pink love... linen, curtains, and a little pink in the flowers... love the pinkish glow bestow by light coming in through wispy pink curtains...

Oh and I can hardly wait to get some new fall tights to go with my boots... these here are my favorite from last year. OK no... too short too big too weird. Never wore them! ;)

Like these ones thought! ;)

I saw the pretties of tights at Penney's the other day—skin color tights with lovely roses tattooed on it... It's like pretending you've gotten inked legs. Instant tattoo! How cool is that! I'll take pictures to share with you as soon as I get them... ;)

Hope you have lovely Sunday... sending you a ray of magic for the coming week!


  1. takk så mye for å dele deg bilder.
    Takk for å dele denne fin blogg.
    and huskatalog

  2. Yes I have notice our trees turning sooner than before and it must be the weather we had this summer. I love to decorate, but alittle late this year. Lovely pictures.

  3. I have done no fall decorating I am clinging to summer even though we are suppose to get a frost this week. I wish winter was a month long it is to long for me and the other seasons to short.
    love the pink

  4. Cielo, the pink is so pretty. I've just started my fall decorating. I love this time of year!

  5. The fall is coming to us, but leaves are not dropping yet. I've just started my fall decorating. My colors now are yellow and violet.

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  7. I've been busy decorating for fall and will show everyone later this week. White pumpkins look so classy. Love your selection of tights Cielo!


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