Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Magical happenings in the garden...

If this is your first time here, I'm warning you... be careful where you step, and where you walk... If you don't know it yet, there are mythological creatures living in my garden. And there are underground imps and fairies living beneath giant leaves and dark burgundy leafed bushes that would surprise you at any given moment at any given time. Why is this? You ask. Well, simply because this is an enchanted garden...

And thus, as I was going through my daily walk in the garden, earlier this morning, all of a sudden I thought I heard the music of distant drums... such furtive enigmatic sound that was. So mysterious and inexplicably wonderful.... African drums and chants. Perhaps it was the music of some tribal hunt... far far away? Oh it couldn’t’ be… I decided I should go check what exactly was what I heard. So I run towards the far corner of the garden, where I'm sure I heard the music of drums coming from, and got to this very spot right here… just right here where you see this rose bush...

Everything seem to be very normal to me. Even now, I can't seem to see anything unusual, or out of the ordinary… you? I’m wondering if perhaps my new rose bush could had something to do with the magic... I mean with what I heard this morning…

Those roses must have enchanted me...

Maybe it has more to do with the name than anything else? Ah yes, that must be it... after all, isn’t it a coincidence that the name of this lovely rose is precisely “Distant Drums”? Pure magical, I tell you! And how lovely the name; and the marvelous light pink roses with just the perfect hint of brown in its center… I truly can’t think of anything lovelier.

Oh but there was more... more surprises and spooky happenings in the garden... ah yes. I decided to go check on the other side of the garden. I walked past the petunia beds and the pansy patch, and passed the enchanted path where the Shasta Daisies grow as tall as sunflowers; which by the way, that's just the path that takes you right into the garden area once you go beyond the New Dawn covered pergola; only I like to call it ‘enchanted’ because... well, it just is! And and...

...And that's when it happened! Ouch ouch ouch!! I was startled by a most unexpected and painful pull on my hair... Who...? I couldn’t move. Caught right there by the strangest pull of my hair... "Oh please let me go let me go!" Then silly me I realized it was just the roses.... the New Dawn roses climbing on the pergola.

I tried to free myself as best I could, but to no avail. Panic set in. What if... what if I’m to die strangled by trees, just like King David’s son Absalom? Remember the Bible story? He was riding his mule trying to escape from David’s men, but as he rode beneath the thick branches of a great tree, his hair got caught in the tree. His mule kept going and left him dangling in the air until… well, until he died. Not a pretty picture I would say... But I...

I knew of the magical enchantment that my garden brings and how imagination can take you to another realm and dreams... dreams become real here. Because no matter what our age or condition is, dreams are but all the possibilities and beauty within us waiting to be discovered... But you must walk here to be able to absorb all this and feel it... truly feel it. I get a jolt of gratitude chills every time I'm here. Feel thankful and in a way also indebted to my Creator for each gift found in Nature.

OK... so have a happy rest of week... be happy, be thankful and never stop dreaming... remember: "There will always be dreams grander or humbler than your own, but there will never be a dream exactly like your own... for you are unique and more wondrous than you know!" Linda Staten


  1. Oh, Cielo - your words always take me away to another world full of fairies, beautiful gardens, and adventure! I adore the way you write! ♥ Hope you had a blessed 4th in your glorious garden!

    xoox laurie

  2. Beautiful pictures and mesmerizing story....I would love to walk through your enchanted garden.

  3. Wow! I just happened to come across your site through pinterest. Everything about it is so beautiful. The story, the photos and the beautiful calm and relaxing music. Thank you so much for sharing all this beauty with us.

  4. Wonderful, I love your garden with the
    magic! ♥

    xoxo Christel

  5. Hallo!

    Just want to thank you for all beautiful inspiration!

    Magical greetings from Karin, Sweden!!

  6. Thank you for the glimpse of magic :0) x

  7. What a beautiful rose and I LOVE the name. I am just sick tonight. I went out to water and saw my two newly planted New Dawn roses cut back to the ground. While we were on vacation we had someone come in and mow for us and he clipped them both off with the mower. I even had the white tags that marked them in the ground. Sooo sad.

    I hope you are having a wonderful week my beautiful friend- xo Diana

  8. lol I have gotten caught before...funny how things happen and because you are so involved with Garden...its a surprise...giggle giggle...Your photos are so sweet...I enjoyed my walk through the garden with you...thank you sweet dreams...with love Janice

  9. Love the magical light you put into all your images.

    Hope you and your lovely followers can pop over and join in our Magical Giveaway.


  10. I enjoy your lovely blog and visit often. ~ Tasarwen


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