Sunday, July 8, 2012

Shabby Chic

You know how our human tendency is to imitate others, right? And how we unconsciously mirror one another?—kind of a copycat thing among humans? ;) Well, I’ve been decorating my favorite room of the house in a certain style…

Lots of roses from my garden everywhere... fresh or dried

Love my new thrift store Shabby Chic napkins...

…I’ve been looking for one of those oversized large Rachel Ashwell’s wood rosary to hang beautifully around mirrors and things… but I’m not the type of a girl who would spend almost $200.00 on such futilities… Even if I could, I wouldn't. And I don't care for brands anyway. So, I go to our local thrift stores and hunt for something similar—not the same thing, of course, but you can definitely achieve almost the same look… and for only $.99! ;)

Roses roses… fresh, silk, dried. I love dried roses probably more than fresh ones. There’s something almost mystical in them that so attract me… I see in dried roses the real soul of roses; perfectly preserved like in a cocoon made out of time and departed summers; still capable of maintaining in their subtle form all the romanticism and buoyancy of a new rose… just lovely.

We just got back from a long weekend of camping in the mountains, and I'm super tired. It's windy and hot here and the garden looks dreamy. The butterfly bushes have bloomed overnight; so it seems like, and butterflies have moved in... It's butterfly season for sure. I love it!

I will share more with you soon. For now... enjoy each moment of each day....

I question not if thrushes sing, if roses load the air; beyond my heart I need not reach when all is summer there. ~John Vance Cheney