Saturday, July 28, 2012


The phrase “coming home” contains such powerful force in it… it encompasses so much it's almost impossible to describe the feeling. Yes, “feeling”, because I believe each and every word bestow a unique different feeling.

And thus, “coming home” is a comforting feeling; of safety and quiet joy within one’s heart.

"Coming home" are words overflowing with thoughts of cozy cottages, and sumptuous flowers and old roses and a walled cottage garden where delphiniums and Shasta daisies grow as tall as sunflowers. They bubble with lace and fluffy comfortable pillows and sweet pastel beds linens and roses from the garden and old shabby furniture.

They exude joyful feelings and are brim with nostalgia and lovely romantic bits and pieces...

...a soft, cottage-style home with a feminine feel. That, and much more, is what "coming home" means to me… and thus, I am glad to be back to all that… ;)

Coming to the garden was a magical endeavor all by itself. So much had happened here while I was gone, and in such short time… An unbelievably lushness surrounded me the minute I stepped outside. Everything shimmered in greens and yellows and pinks. A wild paradise all to myself!

I'm happy to be home, even when our central air-conditioning broke yesterday and temperatures around here are in the top 3 digits... augh! It feels like Florida! ;) We're sleeping under the stars tonight for sure.