Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Living in a fish tank

I had forgotten what it feels like; what type of scents linger in the afternoon breezes, or how the ground hisses at you... like a serpent under your feet: Those “sizzling" summer days in South Florida.
Years living in a place where low humidity and cooler evenings are the predominance make you do that—make you forget what humidity can do to your body, or what it does to your mind; particularly your mind.

And thus, I’ve been living in a gigantic fish tank for the last couple of weeks; swimming in perspiration so thick you start imagining strange things… A sizzling spell of weather swirled in one particular super hot afternoon. Humidity took over, tresses grew thicker than ever and frizzed beyond control. I could hardly moved... was my body growing a tail too? I was almost certain I saw gills on my neck and scales growing out of my skin. If it wasn't because at that precise moment I was awaken, I'm sure I would have turned into a mermaid... some scary thing, I tell ya! ;)
Well, if you happen to live in South Florida, then you know what I mean... and that's where I've been—Miami, to be exact; home to Mami and Papi (mom and dad) and my dear sister Lissette and nephews and aunts and uncles and rest of family. My heart have yearned for a return to the home of my youth for such a long time now that I have almost forgotten how long have I lived in my landlocked mountainous home... long enough to have grown apart from the sea people and their South Beach culture.
So I am the 'strange' one here... going to the beaches clad in the usual layers of voile skirts... unable to free the body in some skimpy swimming suit.. ;) I really can't.
I rather walk the beaches of South Florida collecting treasures...
Giving back to the sea that what belongs to the sea...
Feeling the cool waters tickling my toes... white sand between my toes, over the soles, up and down the sides.
It was fun drying our clothes outside... there is absolutely nothing better than the sweet smell of sun dried clothing fresh off the clothesline.
Surrounded by dear people, excellent food and Cuban coffee after each meal for half the price of a Starbuck's... and of course, finding a cool respite in Mami's walled garden, under the giant bougainvillea by the garden's gate... what a lovely and dear place this is to me...
Real magic swirls around; encompasses every inch of my soul... it catapults me in harmony and bliss. It's the magic of love and acceptance and the home of my youth; my parents' home and what it represents to me and my sister Lissette still today...

I am sad I have to leave, but I am already looking forward to the comfort of my own home and my magical garden. I miss my days spent there, in my little world; surrounded by my things in a land and climate still somewhat foreign to me after so many years, but at the end "home" to me...
Thank you, my friend, for listening and for being here with me. You're so special to me I cannot even begin to tell you. Sometimes, when I feel alone, or sad I think of you and this virtual home where I can always come to and say what I want, and feel so blessed. Blessed to have known you, people which I may never get to know in person; yet I so treasure in my heart... may you all be blessed and inspire by what you find here.



  1. What a truly lovely post.

    It warms my heart and makes me so glad to be a blogger, and to be closer to wonderful people like you sharing a bit of your special world.

    Thank you. This was awesome.

  2. I live in Ga so I know that kind of humidity.

    We just spent a few days at the beach last week. We were on the opposite coast with all that sugary white sand. We had fun playing in the waves and the sand. But every time those pieces of sea weed,etc would touch my feet or legs I would nearly freak out thinking jelly fish:) (We got stung a couple years ago). I love playing by the sea but I am always so glad to get back home to my mountains.

    Gald you had such a nice visit with your family.

  3. Thank you Cielo to share these wonderful post with us! Enjoy every day, hug Barbara

  4. I can't imangine how warm south florida is this time of year. I am glad you got to visit.
    have a wonderful day

  5. This was a lovely posting. You always evince such sweet and soft feelings. Thank you for the beauty you brought to my day.

  6. I was just hoping you were in Miami with your parents and family! I thought you might be. I knw that hot, humid wall that hits you when you exit the airport in South Florida Summer. you involuntarily say, "Ugh!". It is so beautiful.... The pastel homes and dripping flowers..... And the happy sounds of loved ones reunited.... I'm glad you were Abe to go, but I'm somehow homesick for you to be back in your garden. Our mid Missouri world has burned up. The trees and bushes and grass have gone dormant ( or died).... It is so bizarre, a bit scary, and so sad. So my garden walks have to come through you. Last night we got 9/10 inch rain. Our first rain since April..... Thank God! Good post. I feel the same friendship.

  7. You were in our backyard. Glad you enjoyed it. Sounds even more magical when you describe it. Miami, our home of over 40 years. Cannot live without my beautiful ocean...and I too enjoy such walks by the shore, plenty of them wearing skirts and even the occasional scarf in winter. Nothing like the combination of a red scarf and sandy toes. :)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a beautiful day.

  8. Oh- I love this post- I don't think you are the strange one at all in your beach attire. I am much like you--especially as I get older...I am not a sea-bound mermaid any longer-but prefer to sit on the sand and absorb all that is around me.

    I bet you missed your home...even though you WERE home, in a way. I miss FL sometimes, too..but not so much in the summer...but come winter I long for the shore and the rustling of the palms. That is the one thing I was really homesick for when we moved from FL to the Midwest- I missed the rustling of the palms in the wind...and I still miss them even after all these years.

    Blessings to you, sweet Cielo. I am glad you are home- xo Diana


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