Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Our herbs are thriving in this hot summer weather. In fact, they're growing better than anything else in our garden right now. Chamomile, lemon balm, mint, thyme, basil and laurel intermingle with each other filling the air with a mixture of exotic scents...

I love the heady whiff I get every time I walk by…

If you let your herbs be, they would gift you with flowers too. Early this spring I decided to plant chamomile. I had never planted chamomile before and I’m so loving it… the fragrance, the delicacy of the plant itself, the imagery of chamomile growing wild in sunny areas, along fences, along country roads and fields… but best of all, the flowers; which resemble lovely miniature daisies—white little flowers with yellow centers. How sweet!

I’m planning on potting some of my chamomile so I can bring them closer to the house; to the porch, and enjoy them all summer. I wonder if chamomile is a perennial. Will it come back? Do you know?

You can also use your herbs to dress up salads and vegetables, as well as to add flavor. But of course, you already knew that, right! I’ve planted nasturtiums this year too. Didn’t know they were such a proliferous plant. They have taken all over the herb beds.

I’ve found out that rosemary it really is a shrub. It’s a sturdy plant that will come up every year and, did you know that mint grows lovely purple flowers? They do!

I will have to prune our herb beds sooner than soon to keep them in check, as they're starting to look kind of messy right now, but for now herbs are replacing my usual rose bouquets around the house... Yeap, I'm bringing some of my herb inside!

Making herb bouquets. Simple, yet lovely.

One in the kitchen...

...and one in our bedroom! Any idea what type of herb this is? Go ahead, give it your best shot! ;)

Can you believe this is cilantro? Yeap! I love how the dainty little white flowers match the decoration in my white bedroom...

And you would think the whole room smells like a kitchen in full dinner swing, right? Nay! Just a faint scent if you have a great sense of smell... but not otherwise. Cilantro tends to lose its power once they grow flowers.

Here's a dainty mint bouquet in pink vintage vase... love it!

Oh, and I love this little posie of nasturtiums here… love the deep orange color and white ironstone… so cottagey!

I wonder what you might be doing right this moment... collecting herbs from your own garden perhaps? Whatever you do and whatever you're doing, may you find joy, peace and understanding...