Thursday, June 7, 2012

Roses in the bedroom

The layers of ruffly petals, the palest of pinks, the luscious of purples and the purest of whites.

And of course, the absolutely glorious scent... Roses! Roses!

The Royal Amethyst is blooming profusely right now and I cut a vase full and thought they would look marvelous in our bedroom... Purple roses gathered up and set on an old tarnished silver tray... inspiring, and simply beautiful.

The scent wafting in the bedroom's atmosphere from these roses is truly heavenly; it is the purest and truest scent of a rose. It reminds me of pretty ladies swathe in puffy dresses and antique talcum powders and elegant boudoirs and fancy parlors of some gone by era...

...and then there are the white roses on my dinning table...

...the purest of color; protected in a petal-tight cocoon; pale and lovely; the archetype of saints and purity and happy brides...

It's no secret... I love roses. Love them all! And I have this feeling you do too!

Happy Friday, my friend. And remember: Have coffee in the morning garden, savor everyday moments, make friends, treasure family.


  1. I adore roses, but here, in our garden, they are not yet in blossom! It will take several time to get in blossom!
    Yours are beautiful! Hugs, Barbara

  2. Lovely pictures, beautiful roses. Have you ever seen my roses?

    Regards Janny

  3. oh thank's for the wonderful pictures.
    The decoration with the flowers are so beautiful.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Best wishes,

  4. So pretty my roses are blooming also I need to cut some for the house.

  5. Happy Friday!I LOVE Roses too.You have the most wonderful displays around your home,truely

  6. I love roses too and you've displayed these beautifully. Mine are only in bud at the moment so I have all their beauty ahead of me:)

  7. I sat out in the backyard facing the bay with my morning coffee today for the first time this year. No roses blooming here yet- but I do have some planted...and a few buds-

    Yours are gorgeous and, as always, I love coming here to see your little piece of Heaven- xo Diana

  8. This is always such a romantic place to visit.
    'hugs from afar'

  9. Beautiful, Cielo! I can just imagine the fragrance throughout your lovely home! My peonies just finished blooming, and I miss them already. Last week, my house was filled with their blush pink ruffly blooms and glorious scent. :)

    xoxo laurie

  10. Your so lucky, to have your Roses blooming. I only have some tiny white roses blooming...everything else is at a standstill...your post are always so lovely Cielo, I love all the pretty things. Happy Weekend with love Janice

  11. Your roses are just beautiful, Cielo! I love those dark pink ones in your bedroom.

  12. All of those roses are nothing short of incredible. On their own and the way you've displayed them. Just gorgeous... Have a beautiful Sunday.


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