Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back home!

Well hello there my sweethearts! I hope ye all’s been well!

NY City—what an amazing city that is! I mean, you can always find something interesting there, something appealing appalling crazy whimsical and, just all in all interesting… cause, a course, that’s NY City ya know!

In case you were wondering, that’s exactly where I’ve been these last coupla days… Happily walking Manhattan in my feminine and whimsical skirts, edgier jacket and boots! It was colder than heck, with cold mornings and colder evenings, but even in the worse of a snow storm you can always but always find people dress like this…

Perfectly dressed perfect people as well as those that are not so perfect, cause that’s just how it is in NY City! And everyone can be just exactly what they are or want to be, and that would be OK! Ain’t this wonderful?

Glam but not over the top... love it!

Relaxed... COMFY SHOES--a must!


Not so lovely... and yet OK to be just you!

Crazy middle aged lady fashion expression man repeller... sometimes I truly believe this is the path I'm happily heading down... ;)

Very nonchalant and cool!

Boho-chic (bohemian and hippie) - definitely my style!

It was like if the whole world was in cahoots with all the hustle and bustle and the air was hanging heavy with the smell of hot dogs and chocolate crepes and the cherry flower was spinning in the morning air; cause everywhere you looked there were trees in bloom, and as you walked side by side ‘long people from all four corners of the world ya felt alive and at top o’ the world! Now, if that doesn’t sound interesting to you I don’t know what would! Yup. And then... Ok OK gotta get down a few more words here ‘fore this story flies outta my head, so... have you ever been to NY City? I truly believe that’s one thing everyone should do before they pass over to the Great Unknown ya know—visit the city of all cities!

Yup... I had a helluva awesome time! But a course... nuthing like home! It is so good to be back!

ps: All pictures NY City, from Pinterest.