Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome, September

I’m sure there must be some mysterious connection between the arrival of September and cooler weather… it must be! Have you noticed anything unusual in your part of the world? Here, in our valley, the arrival of September was acknowledged by temperature falling from the triple digits to a sudden 71 degrees… just like that, from one day to the other. It amazes me—this hasty change, and makes me think that September really marks the arrival of fall…

Ah yes, can you hear it too? Autumn’s mellow voice speaks softly… yet, it’s so clear. Autumn creeps with concealed force; it sneaks into your garden without you even noticing it… it spreads and swirls ripening to an overall gold as it heals a world that has grown dusty and dry under the austerity of August.

Before we know it, every petal from the roses, every flower will be just but memoirs from the past dancing in the folds of our memory… I don’t know what it is, but the arrival of fall, for lovely as it may be, it always puts a touch of sadness in me… as if something very dear was drawing to a close. It’s a death, really. The rampant energy of spring and summer has passed… like a man walking towards his inevitable end.

I’m I already passing the end of summer blues to you? Oh I hope not! And don’t you mind me… you see, I’m just too much of a melancholy soul, but I’m volatile too, so that means that although today I may be feeling blue, tomorrow you’ll see me dancing in wind-blown leaves as happy as I can be... so watch me laugh, jumping across puddles of leaves! For now, I think I will go through my scarves and think of apples and cider, and pumpkins and nuts on the ground and crimsoned leaves and the smell of them burning... that should help, right?

Welcome, September!