Sunday, September 4, 2011

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Welcome to my cottage every one!! Are you ready for some cottage love? Me too! Remember, our cottage love celebration extends to our cottage gardens, to our life, our creative soul and each and every aspect of who we are! So Welcome! Let's celebrate life and the things we love, and meet others who might share some of your same interests. So please do come in... I hope you'll feel happy here!

The House in the Roses

DID I ever take you down the enchanted ivy path to my garden last year? I didn't think so...
I love ivies; dark green ivies put my imagination in gear. Ivies make me think of gloomy English gardens and foggy mornings under the shadowy wings of ancient castles... ivies underneath dark stone bridges and into the most sumptuous of forest...
The entrance to a garden is so important. It sets the tone and says so much about the personality of the gardener... thus, I wanted the little pathway which constitutes the entrance to my garden all covered in ivy. I've always wanted a house covered in ivy. Unfortunately for me, my lovely ivy was literally destroying my walls, so they had to be removed... Early at the beginning of this spring I removed all the ivy growing in masses in borders along the wall to the entrance of my garden... I added a pergola on the other end and planted a New Dawn rose by it--this is the door to my garden now... The ivy was replaced by several Shasta Daisies and Black-eye Susan’s to entice the butterflies... To cover the wall where the ivy was already climbing I planted another grape vine along with a lovely dark red rose climber... I’ve been waiting all summer for they to grow... dreaming with the lovely mingling of large green leaves of the grape vine and the scarlet red of the roses... not a stunning sight yet, but eventually it will be... I don’t like bare walls. They’re like dolls without hair to me, or a cat without a tail, so every wall in my garden must be covered in lush greens, or glamorous oranges or bright yellows and peaceful whites... If this is your first time here, take your time and follow the winding path to our enchanted little garden... and world ;) Or you can sit here and take to unwind, refresh, and stay still for more than just a moment. Whether it’s a cottage, a cabin, a beach house, or a shady spot in your own backyard, find comfort in that well-loved place that reflects your personal style. Show me what you are celebrating! Link! And please don't forget to link back to The house in the roses! Gracias!