Monday, August 29, 2011

This and that

My kitchen smells lovely... and it isn’t exactly the smell of food!

This is by far the loveliest of flower arrangement I have had sitting on my table this year... well, maybe... but I do love this one!

...The pretties of pink and the loveliest of scent... from my roses, Chicago Peace.
Oh but let me tell you, the scent of roses is also mingling with the yummy aroma of food around here! Ah yes! Have you ever tried the “Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa” recipe from Steel Magnolias? I'm curious to see if anyone has actually tried that recipe from Steel Magnolias. You remember Dolly Parton's character said: “A cup of flour, a cup of sugar, a cup of fruit cocktail with the juice. And you mix and bake at 350 'til gold and bubbly.”

Is this an actual dish or is it something the director just threw together for the movie? I dunno, but I actually tried it this weekend! ;)

And Ms. Parton also said “you serve it over ice cream to cut the sweetness”. I didn’t want ice cream on mine, so I whipped up some holly and pure home made whip cream to go with it, with half the sugar required, of course...

My Peter Pan and Ms. Wendy tried it and loved it! Truth be told, I didn’t find it quite as appealing... too much on the dried side me thinks, but I must have overcooked it, that’s it… plus I waited far too long to taste it... this dessert must be eaten right off the oven for ultimate goodness.

We’re drowning in a bumper crop of tomatoes again this year. If you have never cultivated tomatoes it’s something I recommend doing. Organic grown tomatoes, picked fresh from the garden to your plate would surprise your taste buds! They taste so much different from dull store bought tomatoes... The ultimate experience for all your hard work in the garden, I tell you!

Although I must say I had nothing to do with this goodness... all the hard work and goodness thereof after, I owe to my dear husband!

Do you love photographing food? I do! ;) And I love photographing all my ‘tomato’ salads ;) Don’t know why... food just looks so pretty in photos... ;)

Now can you come with me to the garden? I have something to show you!
My gigantic sunflowers! What a height they’ve stretched to! First time ever planting them from seeds—planting them from anything as a matter of fact! I had never had sunflowers in my garden before, and was totally surprised to see them grow this high—way above my neighbor’s roof...

These beautiful bright, cheery flowers have the most amazing power in them... they always but always put a smile on my face whenever I pass by them! Hope they’d do the same for you! ;) But really, there must be a dwarf or intermediate cultivars available that would better suit my garden... any body know?

May you find peace and joy while you're here.