Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

It's 8:25am as I write this, and the early-march fog hasn’t lifted yet, but the morning is yet to reveal a day of some promise...
The quiet house feels peaceful and requires only a print of sunshine for me to be carried away on the wings of floating dreams… Talking about dreams, have you seen the current issue of Victoria yet? Toward the very last pages there’s an article that I’m sure it will transport many of you to a place of storybook secrets and enchanted surprises... It has surely transported me! There is a table laden with all sorts of lush woodsy greens and mossy treasures, and there is an exquisite display of hand-painted china and flatware gleaming with sunshine that entice your senses with the charm and mystique of the deep forest... It was as if I was stepping right into this verdant dream deep within the woodlands! You ought to see it!
The day I took the pictures you see here, I also brought with me another of my favorite vintage tablecloths...
Would you believe me if I tell you this is a shower curtain? Yes it is!

When I bought this pretty 60s vintage shower curtain with big pink daisies, I already knew where I would use it! Not in the bathroom, that's for sure! It is so cheerful and indicative of spring... and I just love it here in the garden!

I seem to go through many tablecloths throughout the year, from seasonal changes to holiday fashions to my own changeable moods, but mainly because I’m just in love with textile... I love fabrics and lace, and when I'm hunting for treasures and see pretty remnants that really appeal my senses, I usually would have to take them home with me; even when I know I wouldn’t find any use for them... That’s why I have these pretty wrought iron little "closets" here and there around the house... to keep my bits and pieces odds and ends prettiness all in one place...

Ah, what would the world be without us woman and our disposition for all things beautiful and feminine! ;)

May you have a beautiful day, my friends. And may you all allow the wild beauty of the invisible world to gather you, mind you, and embrace you in belonging. - John O'Donahoe