Thursday, February 24, 2011

Imagining Spring

This year, winter has been endless and relentless in its fury. I am trapped—trapped in a winter wonderland that I just don’t like, or wish to be in. So what is one to do in days like this? Dream away!

And so, on a particularly super cold day in the middle of winter (and with more snow is the forecast), I start to fantasize about warm and sunny days and al fresco dining... so although it is cold—bitterly cold, I grab a favorite vintage tablecloth and other sweet lovelies, and out I go to the garden...

No body is around to join me; not even the birds (they’re probably laughing about me from their cozy little places), but setting up this little table gives me enough resources (for now) to bear yet another winter storm...

I adore my garden. I love embellishing it with all sorts of pretty and whimsical things and often get so prickly with thoughts of spring around this time of year. You can imagine how thrilled I was when this company "here" contacted me and offered to design a garden sign for the house in the roses... Perfect timing I say! They told me they would make a sign that would fit the personality of my garden perfectly, but I never ever imagined being this pretty... or this magical!
BuildASign is a company in Texas that makes beautiful enamel signs. You can choose a house number sign or a name sign or whatever you want. How fun is that? Oh, and don’t forget to tell them I sent you! Who knows... they might offer you a great deal too!
Can't wait for the climbers to fill in over our fence and walls this summer

with tons of pink New Dawn Roses...

I'm joining Susan and her Tablescape Thursday!