Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hello from stormy Florida!

The day before yesterday we left our snow bound little world and went out looking for sunshine. After what it seemed a very long and exhausting day we finally end up in a breezy orange field—actually a place called Orlando, in Central Florida. I love it here and we usually come here every year when our little valley gets rocked by winter's best. But the weather here is not honoring our wishes of sunshine and bright mornings this year. We were under a tornado warning this afternoon… tornado watches were issued throughout Florida as strong storms came off the Gulf of Mexico. And there was heavy rain tearing bits of cloud, and a wisp of mad air whistled through the trees bringing swirls and swirls of leaves that reminded me of fall. A sort of blue rain fell down all afternoon from the dark clouds, and then there was the terrifying sound of thunder and flashes of lightening. I love rain and rainy days, but I’m terrified by lightening… tonight I will dream of clear waters and perpetual sunshine. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day…