Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It’s been very cold around here, and the crystal-like grass is wet and rigid and when I walk the frozen gardens I can hear a tinkling crackity sound like the breaking of a thousand tiny glasses under my boots. I don’t like this kind of weather. In fact, I don’t like any temperature below 50, so you can imagine my life these days in cold below 30 weather... It’s only 8 degrees this morning, and at 9:00am the sky is still dark and gloomy... where has the sun gone to, I wonder!
What is one suppose to do (or wear) on days like these to keep warm and still look stylish? Staying warm and being stylish at the same time is a hard thing to configure! I have always marveled at women who manage to look fashionable in really cold weather. I like to think of them as the “Ada” (Nicole Kidman) in the movie “Cold Mountain”; always à la mode regardless circumstances.

But warmth and style seem to run away from each other in my little world... does this happen to you too? Ah yes, I am more the hillbilly Ruby (Renée Zellweger's) type of character if you may; all wrapped up in layers of clothes, my long skirts, leg warmers, thick insulated lining mountain boots and wild frigid hair... no fashion sense whatsoever during those cold winter months!

Truth is I have the hardest of time being fashionable in weather like this... you can never be too stylish without being cold as far as I’m concern. Fuzzy warm clothing, big coats and mountain boots are just not pretty... so you become more like a bear forgetting fashion or even what’s appropriate to at least look somewhat humanoid. What can I do? Well, can I tell you a little secret? Ah yes, I rather be warm and feeling good with myself than being all fashioned up and unhappy.

All of nature is iced in mid sway and crowned with winter jewels rarer than diamonds around here. It is lovely. It is indeed a beautiful world, but for some reason I’m finding myself more and more dreaming my life away in the warmth of a sun-bathed land... can’t help it! I am a sun child!

To you, all those Winter Fairies out there--enjoy each moment winter has to offer; each jewel it has to give... and to you in the South basking in the sun--would you scoop your magic flask full of sunshine and lovely summer days, sealed it, and send it my way via the Northern Star? It would be much appreciated! ;)