Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It's Wednesday, 7:25pm and I really am in love with pitcher vases... enough that I just had to share some lovely pics!
The colors of burnished chestnut and shades of espresso, mocha, mahogany, and café au lait. Just gorgeous!
Like a chocolate cake frosted with vanilla icing, a brown-and-white color scheme always appeals.
White pitchers and urns use as vases for white flowers are so elegant. Pairing objects in the same hue always look so elegant as well!
An assortment of pink roses in a pitcher vase... few things are as lovely as this!
Pitchers are so stylish, don't you think so! Even water becomes something to admire when served in a pretty pitcher... add some slices of fruit or vegetables to it, and water becomes an easy, elegant beverage option for special dinners, parties, or under-the-stars soirees!
(Photos courtesy of Country Living)

It is still very cold here and I'm still looking like a true hillbilly wrapped in thousand layers... I'd have to say though... I'm truly loving my new neck warmer! ;) Since I don't do any of the 'outdoorsey' winter things, guess in the mean time I can always sit by the fire and enjoy a good book, or feed the birds, or catch up on reading your blogs… right? Well, see you then!