Sunday, December 5, 2010

Show Off Your Cottage "Kitchen" Monday!

This is my favorite room of my house. This is where I spend hours engage in delightful things such as cooking, baking, talking, laughing, sharing, singing, dancing, praying, and cleaning much!! And guess what??? Blogging too!
One of the things I truly enjoy about my kitchen is the three windows overlooking the garden… They're not big or anything special, but while I cook or wash dishes or clean the floors, I always have to pause to just take a look outside and see what new treasure nature has in store for me… Nature never ceases to amaze me, to entice me with a regalia of symbols… like this morning's unpredictable moment when I paused to drink in the smell on the winter air. Truly wonderful!


  1. Those kitchens are heavenly! Makes me want to redecorate. I linked up my dining room. Hope that's okay. It's where I have my tall skinny Xmas tree.

  2. Hi Cielo...
    These kitchens are so lovely!!! It truly is a gathering place isn't it? All the kitchens are really beautiful!!! There were a coule that especially caught my interest :) :) This was fun. Thanks to you and the others for sharing part of their homes with all of us :) :) Have a great week . Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Looks like this is going to be a fun party this week! Thanks for hosting and of course for having me. Have a beautiful week.

    Best wishes,

  4. Cowboys in the kitchen ??:)

    Thanks so much for hosting such a fun party.
    hugs, bj

  5. Dearest Cielo,

    This was lovely, looking at kitchens without any clean-up!

    Have a great week and thanks for showing this.

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  6. I love this, Cielo!! Loved seeing all of the kitchens!! For a moment I thought you had highlighted your hair crayon blonde!! :)
    Thanks for the fun party.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  7. Hello Cielo! I just love this post about kitchens. It was so much fun seeing all the darling kitchens. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Cielo-What a fun post--what beautiful ktichens..some homey..some more modern...some bright...some subdued...all loved and special to the person that occupies them. And, I am happy to see you in your kitchen because now I can picture you sitting there blogging away. I love getting to "know" people -kitchen people make the best friends! Hugs- Diana

  9. Cielo, I love this... Everyone's kitchen is so beautiful.. I feel as if we are all sisters. I loved "watching" you bake... Hugs from Missouri.. (I added a link, too, but maybe I wasn't supposed to???) ???? Have a beautiful week...

  10. Hi Cielo, thanks for hostessing a great party! Love seeing all these wonderful and homey kitchens!

  11. I'm joining in again this week! It's always fun--Thanks a bunch! Jacqueline

  12. Thank you for featuring me too, Cielo!
    I finally got the post up this morning. Blogger called it a Bad Request last night and wasn't working right.
    I love your kitchen, it is so inviting and warm and lovely. You look lovely, too, as you work in it!
    Have a wonderful day, and thanks again!

  13. Hello Cielo,
    Always love joining your party - this was especially sweet and welcoming - the kitchen is the best part of a home - where all the love comes from - thank you for including my little hutch!
    God Bless<

  14. I am honored you posted the picture of our eating area in our small cottage kitchen, Cielo. I loved seeing the pictures of the pretty kitchens, and yours is especially lovely, Cielo!
    Now I am going to look at all the links posted. I love kitchens, and I have a nasty habit of buying too many kitchen magazines, even though I am not planning on renovated or redecorating anytime soon, LOL!

  15. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Feature ! This is fun to see all the Kitchens !
    Showing off your button on my Featured page ! Happy week !


  16. Lovely, lovely, all!~

    Thank you for gathering these sharing photos!

    Gentle Winter hugs...

  17. Hi Cielo,
    Great idea for a party in different rooms! I love seeing all the pretty kitchens you shared.
    I have joined you albiet late -again!

    Thank you for hosting,


  18. Thanks Cielo...yeah, blOgs have some issues sometimes, I don't know why they came out like that! I'm new at this too. Click on the large pics and they get to be the right size so you can see better, what can I tell you. Thanks for visiting, though.

    Feliz Navidad con mucho cariƱo para ti y los tuyos.

  19. Cielo, Your link is on my side bar in Monday parties 24/7 for everybody to see everyday, it been there for ever. The kitchen post is 1 year old.

  20. Beautiful Kitchens! And I love your roses - so pretty. Angi


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