Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kitchen love!

Hello friends! Can you believe December starts tomorrow? I can hardly believe how fast the year has gone by... another month, another year forever vanished! I like to visualize us human as sweetly folding those gone-by chapters of our lives and laying them down in a special treasure chest—a magical cofre of cherished memories if you will. But I don’t want to get sentimental here, do you? So I want to look around, and concentrate in the sweetness of home and family and dear friends. And of course, concentrate my thoughts in my kitchen! After all, it is our kitchen the place where we spend most of our time when at home; especially during this time of year.

My kitchen is not big, it does not have any special feature, like a window outlooking the garden over the sink (my dream) and for certain it is not close to flamboyant, like any of those kitchens you see in magazines and some of you are so fortunate to have. But it is my kitchen, and it is the place where warmth, thanksgivings and overflowing blessings mingle with the sweet aroma of food. So I am extra thankful for that!

(My husband making his 'special' salad dressing -- humm!)

Our kitchen is also the place where everyone gravitates during parties and get-togethers. We head to the kitchen when we’re hungry, not just for food, but for friends and family.

Our kitchen is also the place where we unwind at night with a cup of tea.

...or indulge in something out of the oven yummy, late at night while watching a movie!

When I'm old and gray, I want to have a house surrounded by a beautiful garden in the outskirt of the woods. And write. With a lot of wonderful friends, good books, music and bird songs around, and of course, a gorgeous cottage kitchen to cook and live in!

If you don’t know it yet or haven’t heard about it, we’re celebrating our KITCHENS and DINING ROOM AREA on our next SHOW OFF YOUR COTTAGE MONDAY, and your welcome to participate! All you have to do is send me a favorite photograph of your kitchen or dinning room, and I will feature it here! Of course, you would need to link back to the house in the roses!

Click here to read more about our celebration!

PS: I'm already getting lovely pictures of kitchen/dinning area, favorite spots around the kitchen, etc, but we don't have a lot of time left, so if you're planning on participating, please start sending your photos my way as soon as possible! Thanks!