Sunday, November 21, 2010

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Welcome to "SHOW OFF YOUR COTTAGE MONDAY", a blog party I host at the beginning of each week to celebrate the things we love about our homes and how we live.
The House in the Roses
Do you like the romantic style? I do! Ah yes, I love rooms filled with every shade of pink and white furniture, accessories, accents, and fabrics. The romantic style is a very soft and feminine style, but what I love best is that it is a simple down-to-earth style too. In my opinion, a romantic room requires a certain happy abandon. Nothing speaks of perfection here, yet everything is bejeweled by magic! The magic (I'm sure) comes from the mix... like a table festooned with mismatched china.
A romantic room should not be a ‘perfect’ room in the sense of style. Romantic style is essentially a personal fantasy, and as such it lies in the eye of the beholder... which means “be yourself”, add bits of your unique personality to your decorating style, and why not go with your mood swings too? ;) One day you may want to decorate in a cottage style, then again you may be in for French Country, or English Country, or Mediterranean... Matching a set of orphaned tea saucers found at a thrift store recently with my white teacups (also a thrift store buy) was pure fun! I don’t really care for perfection, so this works for me. My style focuses more on harmony and what feels right.
And we can't deny the charm of a table set with mismatched plates! Take a look here, and perhaps here
Almost all my teacups and saucers share different styles, they’re dissimilar is every aspect. Yet, I love the combination and romantic simplicity they portray!
I have oodles of orphaned china, saucers and plates and cups that I keep collecting, and always display with much gusto through the seasons... As you can see here, matching the mismatched never fails to amaze the romantic in me!

It’s been raining like crazy around here lately, and snow is predicted in the forecast... Indian Summer days are certainly drifting away. It is hard to say goodbye to the garden and the wonderful bouquets that all through the spring and summer seasons permeated our rooms with all sorts of fanciful delights...
It is time now to focus on the interior, and center our hearts in the coziness of home!
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  1. I always open your Blog with a feeling of anticipation of the beautiful, and am never disappointed! What a lovely post!
    Thank you

  2. I've always loved an element of romantic style in everything I do in my home...and I am definitely also the type of person who will put together mismatched pieces as long as the overall colors blend together :) :) :) Your table setting is lovely and definitely romantic!!! Have a lovely week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Thank You for hosting this evening. You always use such pretty roses from the garden....Tallulah's

  4. I LOVE to mismatch my china(on purpose), It is Such fun on a table-setting to set a common theme and incorporate as many different elements as you can... LOVE IT! AND LOVE your setting "As Always"!!!
    Hugs to you,

  5. I love coming here to see what you do! It is always lovely, simple and pleasing to the eye. Our Indian summer is long past and now we are awaiting snow later in the week. I am a warm weather person so dread the long, cold months ahead. The worst part to me is getting up in the dark and going to work at 5:30 am when many of the roads are still unplowed. Hugs-Diana

  6. Oh so beautiful and romantic! I love all the little touches that bring your setting all together.

  7. Cielo,
    I, too, love the look of mismatched plates, but I must tell you, your mismatched saucers and cups in this post is one of the loveliest combinations I've seen! I can't imagine the original matched sets could have possibly looked as beautiful!

  8. Just the mercury glass votive cups! Thanks for hosting this wonderful party!

  9. I love mismatched things too. Always fun to see the different patterns, you don't have to worry if something breaks, and I love the casualness of the look.

    Your tablesetting is very pretty! Thanks for hosting the party for us.

  10. I love my mismatched plates, old english transferware in different colors, and I use them every day.
    The winter is here in Sweden, with a lot of snow already, and it will be a long one...
    hugs elsamarianne

  11. As always, lovely Cielo! The little saucers are so delicate and pretty.

    Happy Thanksgiving week to you.

    Ciao bella,

  12. Ceilo,
    Your posts are always so enchanting and charming!! everything is just beautiful! I can't wait to hear about the special party you have planned.
    Thanks so much for oyur visit!!

    Debbie # A Debbie-Dabble Christmas

  13. Hi Ceilo, So beautiful and romantic your blog is. very lovely, a delicacy and a touch of novelty is I found in your things. very perfect, Yes I love romantic decor but why I dont know I cant do it... Love your saucers very much they are very beautiful and lit up candles make the over all very dramatic.. its really lovely
    And yes I am your newest follower and participating your party also, give me a little time when you can at

  14. Thanks so much for hosting!! Alway love to see what everyone is up too!!

  15. Thanks for hosting Show Off Your Cottage Monday. I want to start participating, and I wanted to paste your widget on my blog, but there is something wrong with it. The HTML code says that it is "not-a-real-namespace." When I deleted that part, it works. I went ahead and posted it on my blog; I hope that's okay. I would have emailed you, but I do not know how. Is the coding a mistake, or do you not want anyone linking to your blog party? I love your log, by the way, and I am glad I discovered it through Marie's Maison!


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