Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flying away!

Hi friends! Would any of you happen to live in the Daytona/Orlando area? Ah yes, hair is done and luggage’s ready! So if you care to look around, you might see me sipping coffee at any of your local coffee houses around that area... ‘cause yeap, that’s where I’m headed tomorrow!
So you won’t get bored in my absence, I have arrange some pretty chairs around the garden for you to sit and wait for me. You can walk around as much as you want or even dwell in the gardens if that’s what you wish, but please make sure you’ll stay warm! It’s been cold and raining like crazy here, and as soon as the first cold front moves in the wind will shift to the north, dark clouds will lower in the sky, and the temperature will drop suddenly... then you won’t want to be out there!

I'll leave a comfy pillow just in case you wish to linger a littler longer!
Autumn brings an abundance of color, from reds to golds to oranges. so please delight yourselves in it! And don't worry about the weather! But in case you get cold, I have left some hot tea for you!

Don't you be shy... go ahead and serve yourself as much as you want! But please make sure you leave some for whoever might be strolling the gardens with you! ;)
Our garden is acting very strange lately. You can see autumn leaves and bright asters mingling with gorgeous roses (and tomatoes too! – yes, we still have oodles of tomatoes), as if they've confused the seasons... Isn’t this crazy?

The little cherub is trembling with cold, but he is protected from the frigid rain by the roses... it truly feels like a Wonderland around here; it’s like a magical place for sure! Will I have roses all winter? I don’t know!
Bunnies are digging holes and burrows to use as their winter home, but they think they can stretch their luck and stay out here for a little longer... I won’t want to discourage them, would you?
I think angels must be smiling down at the garden... ah yes, I think they have something to do with this craziness! I know, because I can see them!
If you pay close attention you would see them too... you'd see their little mouths puffing magic down at the garden. Ah yes, I'm sure of that!