Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flying away!

Hi friends! Would any of you happen to live in the Daytona/Orlando area? Ah yes, hair is done and luggage’s ready! So if you care to look around, you might see me sipping coffee at any of your local coffee houses around that area... ‘cause yeap, that’s where I’m headed tomorrow!
So you won’t get bored in my absence, I have arrange some pretty chairs around the garden for you to sit and wait for me. You can walk around as much as you want or even dwell in the gardens if that’s what you wish, but please make sure you’ll stay warm! It’s been cold and raining like crazy here, and as soon as the first cold front moves in the wind will shift to the north, dark clouds will lower in the sky, and the temperature will drop suddenly... then you won’t want to be out there!

I'll leave a comfy pillow just in case you wish to linger a littler longer!
Autumn brings an abundance of color, from reds to golds to oranges. so please delight yourselves in it! And don't worry about the weather! But in case you get cold, I have left some hot tea for you!

Don't you be shy... go ahead and serve yourself as much as you want! But please make sure you leave some for whoever might be strolling the gardens with you! ;)
Our garden is acting very strange lately. You can see autumn leaves and bright asters mingling with gorgeous roses (and tomatoes too! – yes, we still have oodles of tomatoes), as if they've confused the seasons... Isn’t this crazy?

The little cherub is trembling with cold, but he is protected from the frigid rain by the roses... it truly feels like a Wonderland around here; it’s like a magical place for sure! Will I have roses all winter? I don’t know!
Bunnies are digging holes and burrows to use as their winter home, but they think they can stretch their luck and stay out here for a little longer... I won’t want to discourage them, would you?
I think angels must be smiling down at the garden... ah yes, I think they have something to do with this craziness! I know, because I can see them!
If you pay close attention you would see them too... you'd see their little mouths puffing magic down at the garden. Ah yes, I'm sure of that!



  1. Have a beautiful trip, such a lovely post Celio.

  2. My Monday won't be the same without you, it's my day off and I always look forward to your beautiful garden posts. That being said, I wish you safe travels and thank you for leaving such lovelies to admire in your absence. I'll sit in the pretty green chair with the tea setting if it's ok, it's my fav, hugs from Cali, tami

  3. Have a wonderful time and I think I will get lost in your beautiful garden with all those falls colors! Here in So Calfornia we don't get fall looking like that! I can only look at pictures and admire!


    on my blog
    Please join it :)

  5. Hi Cielo,

    Your garden still looks beautiful! Wish you a great time in Orlando.

    Lieve groet & happy weekend,


  6. Hi Cielo, I loved your blog today, as always. I always feel that just for a moment I am transported from the reality of life to a magical spot.

    Have fun in Orlando/ old haunting grounds. I know you will enjoy it and not ALL of the snowbirds have flown South yet. Many wait until after things shouldn't be too crowded. Enjoy yourself- Hugs-Diana

  7. Have a very nice and save trip,dear Cielo:-)*

    You garden looks beyond gorgeous and welkoming,so pleasant,so breathtaking nice...
    Oh...Thank you million times for share,my beautiful friend!

    My husg and much Love to you,

  8. Your garden looks so pretty with all the fall colors. Have a Safe and Happy Trip.


  9. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday, Cielo. You have such a wonderful way with photography.


  10. This is my first time visiting you and your beautiful blog; everything is magnificient! I'm now a follower of your blog. Thank you for sharing your magnificient talent and wonderful blog.

  11. Beautiful post, thank you! Enjoy your trip!

  12. Have a wonderful trip. It's amazing how great your garden looks at this time of the year. I love the basket filled with tea things! So inviting.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. Have wonderful time and thank you for saving me a seat in your beautiful garden! I could sit there all day.....

  14. What lovely photos, glorious colors, and inviting scenes. Thank you for the kind invitation, too!

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation though with this garden and home to come home, I imagine you won't want to be away for very long.


  15. Oh my! I wonder if we might have crossed paths?!!! I was in Orlando and Daytona from October 8 through the 14th!

    Did you happen to visit Mt. Dora while there? A most charming little town with a heavenly tearoom. I think you would love it!

    Deborah in NC

  16. Awesome blog with great information, pictures. Very admirable dear.

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  17. Puedes irte a tu viaje con total tranquilidad, yo me quedo cuidando tu jardín y disfrutando esos hermosos arreglos florales que has hecho... tan románticos!!
    muchos cariños y buen viaje... o, como decimos en Chile: "pásalo chancho"!!!!!
    maria cecilia

  18. Good morning dear Cielo, where have I been that I have missed so many of your beautiful posts? I am getting my self together and visiting my dear blogging friends that I have neglected. My visiting is slowing down and I miss so many lovely posts, like this one for example. I am in love with your gorgeous garden and your photos are awesome. I truly would love to wander in your garden endlessly.

    I know you are enjoying Orlando and all the wonderful things to see there. I lived there for several years before we moved to the Smokey Mountains. Maybe you are back home by now.

    Wishing you many festive days ahead and I promise to be here much more often.
    Love, Jeanne

  19. Good morning dear Cielo, Where have I been to miss your always beautiful posts? I have neglected my many blogging friends, but I am back. Your garden is spectacular and I would love to wonder endlessly through this beautiful garden.

    I know you are truly enjoying your trip to Orlando. We lived there for several years before moving to the Smokey Mountains. There are many wonderful things to see in that Magic place. Maybe you are home by now.

    Wishing you fun and happy festive days in the season ahead. I will not miss your lovely posts again.

    Love, Jeanne

  20. Oops, I just realized you have approval notice on your blog. You will have two visits today. SILLY me, I thought I forgot to send.
    Jeanne, again.


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