Wednesday, October 27, 2010

At the office - ramblings...

What do you use at the office for your hot drinks? Most people have a favorite mug that they use for their coffee, or tea... my co-worker (almost ready for retirement now) has the scariest of mug I’ve ever seen... really! It’s black and it reads in huge white letters: “Beware, I’m armed and have premenstrual tension”... eekkk! Scary! Which brings me to my subject today, and what I use at the office for my hot drinks...

Being the kind of girly girl I am, you know I have to have a cup... and saucer too, of course! I have seen some real pretty mugs out there and had been tempted to get one for the office many a time, but I still prefer my pretty teacup! Coffee, tea, or a nice cup of hot chocolate on a cold wintery morning at the office certainly taste better in an attractive teacup... big and round like this one! What are your preferences? What do you use for your hot drinks at the office?

I found this sweet vintage plate (for free!) at one of the two thrift stores across from our office building... can you imagine that? Not one, but two thrift stores within walking distance! ;) That’s where I usually go (a lot) during my lunch breaks... St Michael’s Cathedral with its lovely ivy-covered stone fa├žade and stained glass windows sits right across my office, and that’s where their tiny thrift store is, and that’s also the view (including the parking lot) I get to look at every hour of every day of my life... now, don't get me wrong, I do love that numinous old church, and I consider myself fortunate to have that as a view and not something else (I could be stuck in a cubicle), but I would do anything, I mean anything to be able to work from home and enjoy the view of my lonesome garden all day long instead.

Anyway, back to my new “free” vintage dinner plate... is just so pretty, and dainty too! I do use it thought, and I like to keep it around my desk along with my cup and saucer... And I love that the colors match perfectly! I think we should be able to surround ourselves with those things which make us happy either at home as well as at the office. As you can see here, I like my office plainly feminine and romantic!
As I was saying, this little thrift store gives away a lot of things they think not worth keeping, or selling, but which I usually find charming! Like my pink vintage earrings I showed you here... Quite a few of the books I have read lately had come from there too... books they toss, but gems to me! Like these here:

St. Michaels have the loveliest moss-covered secret paths where hydrangeas, bleeding-hearts and the English ivy grow together in perfect harmony... I love to go by there—by their little and mysterious mausoleum and sit on the stone bench beneath the Japanese maple just so I can surround my self in its peaceful silence... I cut a few hydrangeas yesterday (I hope they won’t mind) and now I’m drying them on top of one of my bookcases... fresh or dried, they look pretty either way... I wish I could grow hydrangeas in my garden, but I haven’t had any luck with them...

Oh, and did you notice that pretty painting with the three little wee fairies in it? Isn’t it lovely! It was sent to me awhile ago by an artist with amazing skills for beauty—“Elizabeth Barczynski. I am glad I finally found her name (had lost it—sorry!), so I can now thank her properly. You can visit her here!
It amazes me how drastically seasons seem to change from one day to the next... just a couple of days ago my garden was aglow; filled with new blooms and roses that looked better and healthier than ever... only Sunday I cut a few to adorn my table, the scent was intoxicating; each gorgeous in their frailty and beauty... then, a cold rain came swooshing naughty winds around, and all of a sudden the garden turned crimsoned orange, and tangerine red... now all the colors are falling off the trees. It is a beautiful sight, and yet... so sad. I’m sad to see my lovely garden go dormant for such long time.
And what are you up to these day? I'd love to hear it!