Friday, October 29, 2010

Hunter's Moon - All Hallows' Eve...

Were you out last night to see the full moon? Ah yes, I had to welcome this beautiful yellow moon of October! So I quickly wrapped a scarf over my head, and went out to the garden...

The “Hunter’s Moon”—they call it, and it is big and round and ever so enchanting... it hanged low and lovely in the night sky, and as I stood there with the wind and chill of the night dancing in the canopy of trees, I could feel her silvery glow infusing the garden with magic... it was truly marvelous!

The Hunter’s Moon is no ordinary moon; it behaves in a special way. Here in our valley it’s mirrored in a cool, dark sapphire sky... and sometimes you can even see the rings around it too! Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that ice crystals shining in the glow of the moon? And what do you call the moon, “Mr. Moon”, or “Ms. Moon”? I don’t know about you, but I see vermillion lips! I like to think that the moon dresses in pearls. I see a lovely pearl sateen dress, and I see earrings in stiletto style and a freshwater pearl strand tied with ribbon on her neck... but I can never ever picture a moon with hair in my dreams... do you imagine a moon with hair, or a hairless moon?

Oh and do you see what I see? I see witches flying the Cosmos too!! But that’s normal I suppose! After all, it’s All Hallow's Eve and anything and everything can happen... I tell ya, it was just marvelous being out there in the lonely garden under the full moon last night!

And can I tell you something else? I had the loveliest of dream the other night... and you were there!! In my dreams!! Yes, yes it was you I’m sure! It was around Christmas time, and I went to visit you in your enchanted wood! Winter never came there and we wandered off into this magical land skipping and singing and holding hands like little sisters do!

It was so special, and magical! All sort of mysterious and delightful things happened while we were there, and we shared so much in common we could have passed by real sisters too! It was warm and sunny and all in all a delightful and enchanting place to be! I remember us talking about how we were going to take oodles of pictures of us so that later we would showcase them on both of our blogs! ;) Isn’t this curious... and odd? Do you ever dream with people you don’t know? Or dream about your blog? I woke up smiling...

By the way, I believe that each of us should have our own special enchanted wood—a mysterious and magical land where the fantasist in us would find heaps of opportunities for glorious adventures. I have my own enchanted wood, and I am sure I have seen you there once or twice ;) You can always leave me a breadcrumb trail in the form of a comment or two when you visit, so I can go meet you there and play! ;)

Well, I better be off now! Nightfall will be upon us before you know it, and you know how it goes... comes night, and with the first kiss of the full moon there they will be—witches and goblins... all sort of creatures would pervade your garden, and what it was a lovely place to be a minute before will turn into a scary place... an unfamiliar and mysterious place if you would!

Oh goodness me, did you just hear that? Ah yes, a very estrange noise! Over there amidst the bushes! And is that what I think it is? Oh yes, the Halloween witches are already here; lurking the darkness! Can you see them too? Vines are growing hair and I see bushes growing arms and fingers with long nails... Oh I'm sure I heard a shallow breathing behind the butterfly bushes... Ahhhrrrrggg!!!

Ah yes, the witches are here and they're taking over the garden! Are you hearing enchanted incantation in your part of the world? Can you see witches in your garden too? No? Well, be careful... be very careful for when the wind is in the west witches all over the world would be brewing their magic brews. You can hear them singing their magic songs already, and some of their wildness might get inside you!! Oh I better hurry inside. I much rather be inside my cozy house anytime during the night! When I think of my home, my very soul fills with a sense of peace beyond words... a presence larger than life itself moves around me and encompasses my small world... I'm not afraid any more. For this I am thankful. My soul is overflowing with thanksgivings.

(Image Sources: Digital Art-Internet) HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYONE!!