Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Harvest Moon

Did you know that the first full moon of September is called the “Harvest Moon?” Ah yes, it means time to collect our harvest in whatever form it takes. Here, in our little enchanted space, we have much home-grown produce to collect and then preserve for the long cold months ahead. All day long I see fairies and sprites buzzing along as they get ready for the hard work ahead...
If you would come by for a visit, you would see that the garden is alive with all the bustling and hustling and moving very fast of all sort of creatures –little and big– as they go through their busy day. We have oodles of grapes and tomatoes to collect and then preserve and give away, and sprites and elves are fully occupied in their job of collecting all the precious herbs from our kitchen garden. After all our herbs are harvested, they would have to be preserved. Freezing is one of the easiest methods to preserve herbs, but they could also be dried. The thought of a winter's supply of culinary herbs from my garden makes me smile! Doesn’t this sound dreamy?
Ah yes, life is not just about frolicking under the canopy of trees as one may think... Don't you be fooled by all those little sappy creatures you see flying around here! There is much more to do than just that! Although I would have to say that frolicking in the garden all day long sounds dreamy to me! I tell you, you work so hard and for such long hours out here! And with garden duties, and oodles of chores inside and outside, you just can't find sufficient time to rest. My back and feet ache at the end of everyday from my busyness. But at least I have all the help one can get. I can't complain! And now that sweet Mr. Peter Pan thought of me and brought me this cute sombrero from Neverland to protect my head from the scorching sun of September, life is even sweeter out here!
I have my giant basket of herbs straight from our own garden!

And will be working on my own edible delights that would be infused with love and magic... Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we miss life’s heartbeat right before our eyes. And I don't want to miss a single minute of these last days of summer. Time passes much too quickly if you ask me... even though this frolicking fairy was just beyond my camera lens, as I sat here, I could feel the passing of time blowing by like the breath of summer fairies on my face.

Summer is almost over, and that song from Cheryl Wheeler keeps popping up in my mind...

"Summer's almost over and I'm crying but I don't know why Sentimental old fool, weeping for this blue, blue sky And the way the cat is sleeping and the way the garden grew Wagging dogs who lick my face and the way I feel for you..."

Soon I will be out there again wondering the woods when the dried leaves will be falling down in showers and piling themselves up in little grave-like heaps... But for now I’m still enjoying the last of the roses and the fragrant grapevines; the residual of a garden soon to slow down in a mosaic colors of red, purple, gold, and orange...

"Who could help but welcome autumn and the promise of the winter snow? Still there's something sweet and wistful as I watch this lovely summer go But the sun is sinking sooner and the weeds have won at last With the berries on the bushes and the crickets in the grass Oh summer's almost over and I'm crying but I don't know why..." What magical things are you up to these days? Please take me fly with you!