Thursday, July 8, 2010

Christmas in July

A box... a gift inside a box waiting outside the front door for her to discover it…
She feels like a child at Christmas time before a huge Christmas tree... She laughs, shivering with anticipation of the joy and excitement of Christmas...
The tree is decorated in Victorian style with an assortment of glittering white old-fashioned ornaments, and special handmade cards, and there are satin cords and pearl and crystal beads, but she doesn’t see any… she only have eyes for that special gift… and so she tears, and laughs and rips and opens up the box...
Creamy rose, the glitter of silver leaves, linen sheets, ribbons, and crisp wrapping paper add their own notes to this exhilarating feeling, of joy and total surprise… She can't wait to open the box and yet, she doesn't... the beautifully wrapped gift seems almost too nice in its packing to take out... She decided she's going to wait... give the package another day and retain for a few more hours the magic trapped inside... so she will leave it here. And offer her THANKS and a pink rose from her garden to the sweet fairy from which the gift has cometh... the fairy who lives in the far blue yonder, in a little cottage with a big white veranda…
Her name is Sandra and if you happened to see her would you tell her how sweet she is and how she makes my heart sing... magic comes without a sound, always there when you turn around, friends as magic comes from the heart, fluttering from the start...
Friendship is endless joy!
I'll let you know what's inside soon!


  1. Ooooooo! How VERY exciting!
    It is so beautifully wrapped! I think that I would hold onto it for awhile just as it is as well.

    Yet.. I wonder what is inside! I'm very curious and can't wait to see.
    Hurry up Cielo!!! :)


  2. P.S. I seriously want your hair.

  3. You are teasing us! Imagining with you... Did you peek yet?

  4. hihi,,,,,,,,just teasing :)
    Wonderful Present :)
    have a Nice day

  5. ohhhhhh the anticipation!!!
    Do not torture yourself too bad.
    have a great weekend

  6. SOOOO lovely!! Even so, though, it takes a whole lot of self-control to keep from tearing into it. Obviously you have more than I do.

    Blessings on your day,
    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

  7. OH what a lovely gift... I can't wait to see what's inside....
    Love your blog! It's just beautiful... and your music is the best..... thanks for taking the time to make your blog so enticing.... Dawn

  8. The package looks wonderful !! I can't wait to see what's inside ; )
    Have a wonderful day !!

  9. Ohh! can't wait to see what is inside the beautiful package. Anticipation makes the waiting sweeter.

  10. I almost hate to open gifts that are so beautifully wrapped, but my curiosity always gets the best of me. But now YOU ~ you are just 'teasing' us, and is that nice??

  11. You're keeping us in suspense Madam! I don't blame you...that wrapping is a gift by itself. Sandra is such a sweetheart for giving you Christmas in July. Can't wait to see what's inside. Happy weekend!

  12. Beautiful post,Cielo! The gift is almost too pretty to open.

    Have a good weekend,


  13. G'eve sweet Cielo ~ Another fabulous write ... my friend, you create such a mystique that captures one. I, too, shall await the opening of this lovely box.

    PS I have learned how to do link stuff now ... let me know when you do another 'party'.

    Have a lovely summer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  14. Hi Cielo,
    I don't blame you for wanting to wait, what a gorgeously wrapped gift, and it looks so lovely sitting amongst all of your white.


  15. I think I might wait too. It is a lovely gift! Anticipation is so delicious : )


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