Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finding happiness in little things...

I love bottles and unique glass jars... they make me happy! I love their simplicity and unpretentious charm that brings forth this refreshing feeling of a country home and cottage garden... this is an old mustard jar that I filled with a small handful of my favorite delicate pink roses... I wrapped some wire around the top of the bottle so I could hang it off of a peg on the wall.

I wanted to experiment embellishing my world with it... I like how it looks here, hung from a tree branch... an eye-catching art for winged faires and butterflies!

Or here... hung on the knob of the old armoire. I love the combination and warmth of beautiful pinks and rich chocolate browns for a dreamy look.

Nothing like the warmth, inviting atmosphere of a country home, and my little jar sitting here, by the white enchanted window, provokes just that!

Light and airy are the feelings I get. I think I should leave it here, don't you think?

Oh but I must try it in the kitchen too! Like here, on the baker's rack along some soft pink rose heads and favorite tarnished silver pot.

Pink roses and a tarnished silver pot, always a classic don’t you think? Where do you think I should place my new glass jar?

Happiness comes from counting our blessings and appreciating little things.