Friday, July 9, 2010

Pink Saturday

In the months of June and July our little garden turns on the "pink" mode and dresses up in that sublime color. Even the porch gets to dress anew...
From my glorious pink "throne" in the midst of my pink garden I dream in pink...

And fly away to wondrous worlds of fairies and pink unicorns.
See the bright green leaves? See the happy pink roses as they climb the magical wall?

Pink is the air, pink is the sky, pink is the pollen rich in flower buds...
Pink is the splendor in the morning garden, flowers sparkle in colors, their hearts glow in pink.
Pink is everywhere! the grass in the air in my nose!
Oh, it's such a pretty day... happy pretty days wear the color pink.
I'm feeling pink!
Can we feel in color? What about you, what's the color of your mood today?