Thursday, May 6, 2010

Barthroom Beauty Snapper Party with Shelia

Why do you blog? Why do we all blog? I often question myself with these profound philosophical thoughts. Really, don’t you think it’s important to know what we blog for? At least, it would help us achieve the purpose, or aim of our blogging. Some people blog to make money online, some others blog to claim fame or to get to hit the 10 millionth visitors mark on their blog. Does that make them a better person? A richer person in spirit? Does their happiness expand in line with this new acquired fame? What some bloggers sometimes fail to see is that amidst the fame and recognition, they lose the fun of blogging and the true expression of the heart. There are expectations, even an image of perfection in the eyes of the readers. Whilst a blogger’s achievements are glorified, like a double edged sword…. I blog for the pure sheer liberating pleasure of expressing myself. Blogging for me is a way of celebrating life. Life is a gift, and we ought to celebrate that gift every day, with reverence and pure joy. Besides, isn’t it good to just be able to be your good old foolish funny silly melancholic shallow love-intoxicated, giddy far-sighted and so on wonderful you, without being unhindered? Freedom is the state of being unhindered. And that’s what blogging means to me...
I am happy that I can be my old passionate childish self here….
And be able to use my invisible wings whenever I want... zoom, zap, zing! I can go everywhere, as light as air… shifting, turning, blazing like fire..
I am glad I can let free my inner fantasist without feeling ashamed, or foolish
And be a fairy and a witch all together, even on the same day if I just want to…
And play silly games in front of the bathroom mirror when no one is looking so that later the whole world can come and look… and even dare show my ugly and wrinkly gardener's hands with no shame at all whatsoever…
And pretend I’m Sofia Loren
And truly believe I’m the Most High Diva of the Bathroom ever! (Hope the real Most High Diva Shelia is not listening!) Well, dear ones, this has been my contribution to our dear Shelia’s “Bathroom Beauty Snapper” party! What fun this has been !
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