Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welcome June...

June—what an amazing month June is. If a June morning could talk, it would probably boast that it invented joy. I am living my dream. I'm the Eve of my own little Paradise...

I love my weekends at the house in the roses. Waking up each morning is a fascinating fairytale... the music of birds on my pillow; sunbeams fluttering all around me.

Right after I woke up this morning, I went to the window and throw it wide open to this...

The soft sound of trickling water of the small cherubs fountain right under our window; the scent of roses saturating the morning breezes; sunbeams dancing in my eyes...

...and this

And this...

One of the most delightful joys that the month of June brings is being able to collect roses and make bouquets with them... I love setting up pretty tables. Extra pretty when we're expecting company, but in June I do this often, even when I know no one is coming by...

Soft white roses gathered up and set inside this pretty country caddy... inspiring and simply beautiful.

And what delightful things are you engage in? What flowers are growing in your own Paradise? I am glad I am alive, to see and feel the full deliciousness of June's bright days. Thank you, my friend, for stopping by the house in the roses and for leaving behind your own enchanting scent; which, by the way, I can sniff wafting in the air as it mingles with the scent of roses. How delightful! Thank you for sharing your day and life with me.


  1. What a beautiful post, Cielo. Your whole blog has a new look? At least I think it does....very pretty indeed! I love all your flowers and can almost hear the water trickling outside your bedroom window...Lucky girl!

    Your table setting is just gorgeous nd I LOVE that sweet little pink cake! Happy week to you, my friend. xo Diana

    ps. Did you know I have another brand new baby grandson born last night?;>)

  2. I so enjoyed visiting your home and garden! Thank you for posting all the beauty--your photos and the music. Very nice way to end Sunday and prepare for a week of creative writing. I am a novelist.

    Peace be with you,

    Kay Moser

  3. oh my god, I can see why you are sooo in love with your garden. I've followed the garden here from the barren winter, wet with rains, or frozen in ice....but this....lushness with all the colors, there are no words. Truly beautiful. That Wishing Ball with the lavender roses! sigh.... thank you for the pictures. I find my self in Gardens, mine or others. Please....take one rose you cut and whisper my name to it? say it is for me? I'd like to be known there by those roses. :D

  4. Your gardens are gorgeous! And what a lovely table setting. I'd love to be a guest at your table.
    Mary Alice

  5. O, I can hear the water...and smell the lovely roses...and taste that pretty little cake. :))

    I'll come back by in the morning for linking.

  6. Cielo: What a beautiful sight to wake up to. Your roses are gorgeous and everything looks good through lace. Did you change up your sidebar? It looks so beautiful..Happy Monday..Judy

  7. beautiful. beautiful. beautiful. lovely song too! can you tell me more info on it?

  8. Giugno delle rose! Si perchè a giugno fioriscono proprio tutte le mie rose, anche se sono ancora poche in cofronto alle tue.
    Piano piano il mio giardino diventerà pieno di rose e spero magico come il tuo. Antonia

  9. So Beautiful and enjoyable.
    Happy Monday.
    Found you bj's post.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. Your roses.. well your photos of your roses are exquisite! I love stopping in to see all the beautiful and creative ways you display them in your house. My roses are finally blooming and I am having great fun displaying them in my home. Thanks for your continued inspiration!

  11. Dear Cielo!
    As always, I'm very glad to be here, in your wonderful and magical garden. It seems to me, like a kind of a small rose's paradise!
    And how beautiful, confortable and peaceful is just strolling around here, between your colorful and tender roses!Even though I'm so far away from you, I can imagine the scents of those flowers and the june morning breeze...I can hear the birds and see the butterflies! You are right, my sweet friend, it's just like a fairy tale!
    That's why I must confess that I feel, when I come here, it's like going across a long bridge, being in a another world, where we can live ( even just for some minutes!) far from our worries and problems... A place of beauty, magic and peace!
    Thank you so much for those delightful moments, dear Cielo, and I wish with my heart, that Our Heavenly Father always bless you and your family, and your enchanted roses and garden too !
    My brazilian hugs for you!
    (from the blog :"Se essa lua fosse minha")

  12. Beautiful photos wish I had as many roses in my garden,you table looks so pretty.Love Jill xx

  13. How very beautiful Cielo!! Your house and garden are a paradise!!

  14. Your roses are so beautiful, Cielo! What a great view to see out your window. I miss the rose bushes at my old house. I had many of them for so many years, it was like seeing old friends again when they would bud and bloom.


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