Thursday, May 31, 2012

A new cat in the garden...

I saw a cat wandering through the gardens the other evening and for some unknown reason it made me think of you... and what was this strange kitty doing in my garden? Perhaps you sent him over so I could follow him to your place? What strange creatures cats are; so secretive and mystical they are. I just love them. And well, you know me... I had to know why he was here...

So I followed this kitty through the strawberry patch, and under the rose covered pergola and through that part of the garden where the columbines grow almost as tall as the Shasta Daisies...

Until finally he stopped for just a second, turn around and looked straight at me... then jump over the fence and disappeared before my very eyes... just like that!

Cats make me think of magical stories and the supernatural realm—if there is really one. Oh, I so wanted to follow that kitty straight to your place... but he was so fast!

Was it you? Was it really you trying to get my attention? Because that's the intuition I got. I hope you’re not in any kind of trouble, are you? But in case you are going through some tough time, let me tell you this: We really are not in control over what happen to us or to our bodies. Even though I am a strong advocate of healthy lifestyle choices these healthy habits do not guarantee longevity, or happiness. But when it comes to those dark episodes in our life that are beyond human power, this is when I really best turn my life over to my Heavenly Father.

When I find myself experiencing fear, I like to imagine (and believe it too) that my Heavenly Father is holding my hand. I am His daughter, I walk with Him; I talk to Him and even laugh with Him. One the things I like to do while in my garden is imagining God gardening besides me.... odd? Perhaps, but this is absolutely real to me. Believing, not only makes me feel wonderful inside; it also gives me wings to, like the birds, fly high above worry and fear. It is an amazing feeling!

Oh and did I tell you? My peonies have finally unfurled! Yippee Kay-ay! And that was without the help of those magical peonies ants! Ah yes, I even got to have a glimpse of them as they flew by over the house in the roses on their way to some other cottage, but I guess they decided not to land here after all, because I never saw them in the garden; which, by the way, I didn't mind a bit.

I’m so in love with peonies. They’re the perfect combination to roses! Don’t you think so? I will certainly enjoy them for as long as they last. Here are some lovely pictures for you! I hope you enjoy them too!


  1. Good morning,I love this post,very poignant.Your garden is most beautiful and am sure you have hundreds of faires dancing around your wonderful flowers.Wishing you a magical weekend,lots of love juliexoxo

  2. I so love peonies and colombines. I hoped you would follow the lovely pussy to my place,but I haven't seen him yet,it is such a long way away. Maybe next time. I will have everything ready,maybe some nice herbal tea in the garden and we can discuss how I can get peonies to grow as beautiful as yours. Especially as they are my dear daughters favourite flower.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend Cielo. xx

  3. What a sweet post- I might have been that kitty -wishing you to my porch so that I might get to meet you face to face and enjoy a cup of warmth with you.

    I find God in the garden, too, and in the laughter of my granddaughter who is here with me this morning (her and Snow White). I am sorry to say that He is much more faithful to me than I am to Him.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I LOVE your peonies. I think my own will open today-xo Diana

  4. Hello Cielo,
    We share three cats with our neighbors - rescued the mommy and her babies - they are a treat to me while I am in the garden - I hope your visitor returns often. There truly is a comfort in knowing - a confidence - in the love of our Heavenly Father - how dear of him to put in our hearts a child-like faith knowing He loves us and cares for the very best. Difficult times happen to us all - genuine peace comes from knowing God - I appreciate your sweet words of comfort - possibly someone reading - needing it - will feel uplifted! I hope you have a marvelous weekend,

  5. Cielo - I know I've told you this before, but I so love the way you write. What a gift you've been given! It's like a magical fairytale when I pop over here for a visit. :) That little kitty almost looks like my old girl, Sophie. So sweet. ♥

    xoox laurie

  6. Cats are like that aren't they? Rather elusive and independent. Wonderful words of encouragement. And gorgeous peony.

  7. Hi Cielo
    Yes cat´s are special......and I think youre story and photos are great today :)
    and do not miss,,,,,,




    it si FUN :)
    HÃ¥kan ( The Roseman)

  8. Cielo, I can always count on a little trip to a far away land when I pass through your doors...thank you for an island of peace in my work day! Blessings, Lori

  9. It might have been.... if I could choose, my affections might pick such a pretty calico.... your cheer is appreciated today and many days!

  10. Cielo, what a wonderful post and so much beauty! Your peonies are doing great !!! ours are still curled up ... Yes, HE is with us always.. helping and guiding even in the garden. When I'm feeling grey I always ask my Angels to give me a little helping hand before I start in the garden..some how I get the strength needed to do all the nurturing that each garden needs.. before the ache and pains return. for those precious moments I'm lost in the beauty of the gardens. My Father was a wonderful gardener - Real green thumb and Angel P. too... I know they are around with HIM and the other Angels helping me.

    Blessings my friend..C. (HHL)

  11. Thank you for providing a place to rest my spirit and feed my soul.


  12. What a wonderful, dreamy, majick filled space you have here..... I don't even recall how I stumbled into your world, but I'm glad I did.

    You are a girl after my own heart, for my hair is always a mess & my feet are dirt stained & happy...... summers are spent tending the roses, which are fertilized by Fae of course...

    till next time,
    Debra Anne of The GIPSY in the PARLOUR

  13. Un trionfo di delicata bellezza!
    Complimenti davvero!


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