Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wisteria Wednesday

Taking a break from roses today to bring you Wondrous Wisteria Wednesday. We love wisteria for its beautiful flowers hanging on long clusters. There is something romantic about a pergola, or even a cottage, covered in wisteria, especially in the spring when it is in bloom. The two most popular types of wisteria are Wisteria floribunda and Wisteria sinensis. W. floribunda has clusters up to 18 inches and it usually flowers in May and June. Colors can range from violet-blue to white, with pink and lavender in between. W. sinensis has slightly smaller clusters, up to 12 inches, that flower white or blue in May. For decorating ideas, the violet-blue hues of wisteria look lovely in a feminine bedroom or powder room.

Decorating Ideas

Cepolina (via)
Wisteria flowers range from white to pale violet to deep blue. The delicate groups of blooms are sometimes centered with pale yellow.

Decorating Ideas

Hume Seeds (via)
A romantic garden room is created from three simple elements: large wisteria, a pergola and lattice. How wonderful to spend an afternoon surrounded by wisteria, drinking lemonade or iced tea.

Decorating Ideas

Thread Spider (via)
An English country cottage covered in wisteria to the point where it surrounds the windows. Imagine opening the windows and letting the sweet fragrance fill the rooms.

Decorating Ideas

Downlo (via)
A cottage in Chelsea, England covered in wisteria.

Decorating Ideas

Moosey's Country Garden (via)
A single wisteria vine can climb and cover a pergola with lovely blooms. The leaves provide shade in the summer.

Decorating Ideas

Plant Encyclopedia (via)
Wisteria Alba is a white variety of wisteria. This path framed by white blooms would look magical at night with white fairy lights.

Decorating Ideas

Bumble Bee Blog (via)
Wisteria can also be trained to grow a fence. It looks especially nice against an old fashioned white picket fence.

Decorating Ideas

Home (via)
Both white and blue wisteria are available in tree and vine varieties. Whichever you chose to plant in your garden, remember that wisteria does not like to be moved. Once it is established it can take over, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Interior design ideas might include placing a silk wisteria plant in a corner for a pop of beautiful color.

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  1. so incredibly gorgeous!
    like I was taken away to another time and place....


  2. Love Wisteria,
    It is very romantic - and fragrant. It grows wild here in the woods - You've found some very lovely examples. Hope you have a marvelous day,

  3. Hy - it's just a wonderful dream?!!! I love Wisteria too! Hugs, Barbara

  4. bellissimo il glicine che ricopre la casa, splendide foto. cristina

  5. Beautiful! I love Wisteria! My neighbor's wisteria flows over onto my side of our fence and grows over my trellis! I love it! It creates sort of a "secret spot" on the side of my house.

  6. Ahhhh--years ago, when we lived in CA, I had a fence covered with wisteria -- i miss that :)


  7. Oh, this brings back memories of my Aunt's house, she had a trellis over her driveway covered in it! Love the english cottage photo....magical! Lori

  8. Beautiful! We inherited two wisterias when we bought our new home. I don't know what color they are yet but I'm so excited to have them!! Thanks for sharing



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