Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring has sprung

She’d already had far too much reality. She’s been waiting for this moment for a long long time, and now the fairies are making sure she understand the time had finally come…
They have sprinkled the garden with fairy dust just for her, and they have scattered charms of apple blossoms pink just for her, and the sparrows have returned to the flowering pear tree... and so, it is time…

Summoned by the fairies, the girl follows the paths to the garden—light jacket, old garden boots, wild hair, billowy breezes dancing in the hem of her skirt…
She hears the cheerful giggles of fairies and wonders what’s going on...
When finally the fairies removed the silky cloth they had tied around her eyes, she could not believe what she was seeing!

The grass had finally shed its blanket of chilly white, tulips were popping out of the ground everywhere and her little world was now decked in light green leaves and flower buds in colors like a rainbow bursting in the air...
Soft sunshine dappled through the trees as the smell of sweetness danced from and around the trees, and above, mourning doves serenaded the skies as they busied themselves in preparation of new nests. She gasped and whirled around; her heart bursting with happiness. "Was that even possible?" Ah yes, spring has finally arrived to her little world!

Spring had weaved a lovely magical shawl for her to wrap herself with, and from now on until the wheels of time bring new seasons once again, she will wear it and live in it as one with herself...

And so, this is how her life fairytale begins… This is back to the garden, back to Nature, back to life... Has spring sprung in your part of the world yet? Oh I do hope so... I cannot say that it is already warm and sunny around here, because that’s not so yet, but this is the beginning of what’s to come. And I have so many plans and dreams for my garden this year. The two climbing New Dawn roses we planted last year are filled to the brim with new buds ready to burst open in a few more weeks, and little strange plants I’d never planted, or forgot I had planted them are coming forth from the ground with such life I tremble at the sight... were they here last year, I wonder? How magnificent this force of life is! I am grateful, my heart is the treasure box where I gather days like these and memories like these forevermore...
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  1. You paint such a picture with your words, Cielo. I am always transported right along on your journey with are just a dear, pure soul with the heart of a child and the mind of a woman.

    BTW, your header is lovely-Hope your upcoming weekend is a good one- xxoo Diana

  2. See! I knew it was just a matter of time! So happy for you and for the lovely rain you received - hope to get some today myself!
    Thanks for sharing your dreamy garden,
    Hope you have a blessed Easter
    See you Monday!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful, really transporting. And your words are like poetry. Thanks!

  4. Oh my goodness - your photo's are that little winged cherub on the chair! Thanks so much for linking up your post to Cottage Flora Thursday's! i believe this is the largest party we've had so far - so thank you! oxox, tracie

  5. Dear Cielo,

    Such a romantic post! I wish you and your family a Happy Easter!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. I love to visit your world. Thank you so much for sharing all the magic you are blessed with.

  7. Oh, how I enjoyed this wonderful world you have expressed in pictures and words!! Thank you...

  8. Your photos are amazing. and I love the little angel on the pink chair. Very pretty and magical.

  9. What an enchanting post! So beautiful and magical. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  10. Wonderful post. Thankfully spring is arriving here too. Happy spring and Happy Easter.

  11. Hi,Your photos are amazing thank you for sharing.

    Happy Easter

  12. Beautiful spring pics! Happy Easter to you and your family.

    Susan and Bentley

  13. Happy easter!

  14. Your blog is STILL magical!! Easter Blessings, Cielo~



  15. Thank you for sharing... Happy Easter!

  16. Simply wonderful post...words, pictures and sentiments. I just love your blog and am glad to find another dreamer and kindred spirit...I would love for you to visit my little corner of the world..www.queenbartistry.blogspot.
    com and let me know you stopped by! Have a wonderful Easter and may there always be fairies to dance in your lovely garden!


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