Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Snippets of my life

After two months of living in constant pain, the skies are finally turning blue on me again... my heart rejoices! I know, maybe I should have told you about it, my faithful readers who follow my everyday life, but I believe that life is already too gloom to add personal gloominess to its already overflowing share of pain, so you'll never hear me complain... I rejoice in the thought that my humble life can serve as a path to stillness, joyfulness and happy thought to others, but now that I’m feeling much better, I thought to share just this much with you.

I found this pretty black and white sweater at my favorite store, and I am wearing it today. I usually would not wear earrings and necklace together... is either one or the other. So today I’m not wearing any earrings, instead I decided to use my favorite necklace ever... I think it looks perfect with my new sweater, don't you think so!

I am reading Doctor Zhivago, of Boris Pasternak, one of the few survivors of a generation that gave Russia its great twentieth-century poets, and I’m also reading “At Eighty Two”, the last journal of the beloved May Sarton, (she died just a few months after she finished this pilgrimage thought her 82nd year). It’s an amazing book filled with daily events of her life, feelings, and responses to the world around her lovely house by the sea...

I am also enthralled by the lovely Victoria magazines that Kathy sent, along with “My First Best Friend” and "The Pleasure of your Company"; wonderful readings to overflow with beauty and enchantment the already enchanted summer days...

My dear and favorite pixie of all pixie husband and I celebrated another anniversary this last Tuesday. We had dinner in the terrace of a lovely restaurant overlooking the river. We go there every year. Warm breezes and the scent of butterfly bushes serenaded our lovely evening...

I’m loving the pjs Mr. Pixie gave me as an anniversary gift... he sneaked up to my blog the other night and read about my “Tinkerbell” dreams... then decided to get into fantasy mode and became Peter Pan himself... he flew to (Wal-Mart) some faraway land to get me this delicious Tinkerbell pjs...

I’m so loving them!

And last.... I started Zumba classes on Tuesday. We’ll see if I survive!

And what are you up to these days?

Please take me to your world... I would love to hear about it!


  1. Not too much going on in my world. Hubs is taking me to the wilds of Idaho again on Labor day weekend. Grandjean near Lowman. Love it up there. He got me a camping oven so I can keep busy with clay while doing nothing.

    Happy 30th anniversary, sugar. We've just celebrated our 49th and next year the kids and grands will all help us celebrate in Reno, we think. Just don't want to cook a meal for 3 days!!! It'll be good and fun.

    That's what's happening around the "C" household now.

    Sorry about your pain. What is the matter? Nothing serious I hope.


  2. Hi Cielo,

    I am glad you are feeling a bit better. It's horribe to be in pain and two months is a long time. Like your new sweater. It suits you!

    Before I forget, congratulations on your anniversary!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  3. Glad to hear that you are feeling better...and thank you for always considering our feelings and emotions.
    You know that we are all here for you if you need us..
    How cute is your pixie husband and the PJ's he bought?! Happy Anniversary to you both!
    My world is in constant motion...we know a little secret about our next destination, but can not act on it yet! So, it's all very kept to ourselves right now!! More to come!


  4. Happy anniversary! Your new sweater is gorgeous. My husband has chronic back pain and I dicovered MSM, a supplement at a local health food store. He has been taking 5 1500mg caps a day for about 3 months and he has no more back pain. I asked my doctor about the toxic qualities and he said that of water. Imagine that! It's a very good supplement that no one knows about! Fell better!
    Love the PJ's!

  5. Hello Cielo
    Hope you're well ... I was worried!
    What happens to me? I am a simple Brazilian housewife who lives on agriculture, coffee plant, and now we are in full colheita.Vida difficult and undervalued, but with God on we will live happily, waiting for better days.
    God bless
    Tina (Sonhar e Realizar)

  6. Cielo, those pjs are absolutely cute and your pixie husband did well in finding them for you. I am glad your siege of pain is over, and thank you for sharing brightness here.

  7. Oh, a lot is going on in my life. I've changed my job, now I start building our lovely "nest"... too much work to say, but I'm very happy and full of optimism to work. Especially after reading your blog. :)))
    Have a great week!

  8. Share your pain with us and maybe we can help. Glad you are feeling better. Happy Anniversary. Love the jammies.
    I am starting a new job next week, I'vde done this before at another school with less students. Excited about starting.


  10. I know about living in pain so I can understand your not wanting to burden others. Love, love your pjs. Glad your anniversary was nice. We will celebrate our 39th next month. Just being around the house and feeling lazy today. Blessings. Debbie

  11. Happy Anniversary! Love your new sweater, it's just so pretty with your jewelry! Oh my, those are adorable pj's and look at you, Zumba classes, very neat! So happy you are better, sorry you have been in so much pain. Take care.


  12. Congratulations on your anniversary. Sending you bright, healing wishes, dear one. xx

  13. My dear Cielo,
    All your new things are very pretty. Like it a lot……
    Happy Belated Anniversary!!! Glad you both had a good time. I wish you and hubby another 100 perfect anniversaries and a life time of happiness and for you prayers of healing and lots of pixie dust…Have fun with Zumba,I LOVE Zumba!! You will sweat A LOT!! It's a great workout and it's fun. There is nothing like moving your body to keep in shape.

  14. You look fabulous! :-) I love your gorgeous hair! This zumba seems to be the in thing, you'll have to let us know what you think. x

  15. Love the sweater and jewelry...had to laugh at Peter Pan flying off to Walmart..who would have thought? We celebrated 35 years yesterday. Where did the years go? Glad you are out of pain...or on the upswing. I suffer too and never tell anyone-I think suffering is such a private thing and only brings others to a threshold you hope they will never have to cross. Hugs to you my sweet friend- Diana ps...I have fairies at my house too! lol

  16. I am so glad you are feeling better! How wonderful : )
    Your sweater is really lovely, but not as lovely as you are.
    Your hubby is a dear soul to go get you those pjs!
    Hugs of healing,

  17. Cielo,
    I am so glad that you are feeling better :) Thanks for sharing with us, as we all care and hope for the best for our blogging friends.

  18. What a sweet, fun blog you have!!!
    I will definitely be keeping up with you! :) Those jammies almost brought tears to my eyes - what a thoughtful hubby you've been blessed with.
    This summer has been a blur of tennis and running here and there and heat and fun family memories for us. Now, we're back to school and we're hoping that we have many more wonderful memories to make!
    I hope your pain issues are resolved. Being in chronic pain can really wear you down - physically and mentally...been there, done that, bought the t-shirt! You'll be remembered in my prayers.

  19. Hi Cielo,
    I am sorry you have been in pain and hoping all goes well for you now.
    Love your new sweater and enjoy your reading time in the new pj's.

    Take care,

  20. Please, please get well soon. Love your look, but then you always look great!

  21. Hi Cielo, best wishes for you, I hope you do not have any pains any more, stay well and healthy and fine! Your sweater looks great upon you, wear it with joy and health! greetings from Austria xoxox

  22. Congratulations on your anniversary! Good to hear you are feeling better. I have enjoyed reading your last posts and seeing your creative pictures.
    Well, and as to me, enjoying our summer and hoping to find some more time for blogging!
    Have a wonderful day and stay well!

  23. Just the same oh around here! Love your new PJ's! Cute as you are.

  24. Lots of glorious rain for the last 20 hours here in Virginia. It's just the day for getting back to a long-dormant indoors project for hubby the handyman and I'm just home from taking in-laws to the doctor.

    Now that it's stopped raining, the air has too much moisture for it to be possible to breathe outdoors.

    Love the sweater, necklace, and so-sweet Tinkerbell pjs! Happy anniversary! Our 39th is next April.

    Wishing you well! Hugs!

  25. Bless your heart lovely lady. You truly did not let on you were going through anything. I am so glad to hear that you're feeling better!
    I have been blessed by getting to know you through blogging. It has been a way to enlighten and lighten people's lives.
    I count it a joy to read and to write each day!
    Happy Anniversary - what a thoughtful husband!
    I am so glad you're enjoying the books! God blesses when we don't realize it!
    Praying for light, peace and clear skies without pain for you!

  26. Oh, forgot, my hairdresser teaches Zumba - she was telling me how much fun it is! I hope you enjoy it and have a terrific time~!

  27. Dear Cielo,
    I've been reading your blog for a long time now, loving your special imaginations, your fairy-friendly house and magical garden, and the peace that surrounds this site. Your music is wonderful and I sometimes log on just to have it playing in the background of my day. Isn't Enya beyond lovely??!

    I'm sorry you've not been well, but glad to hear that healing has begun.

    May your days be filled with fairy spells of happiness and laughter!

  28. i am so sorry that you were in constant pain for so long! i know a little about that myself. but praise God for healing! so glad you are doing better! congrats on the anniversary!

  29. Hola Cielo, me alegra saber que tras estos dos meses te encuentras mejor. Muchas felicidades por tu aniversario, me han encantado las fotos, sobre todo las de las rosas, los libros y el pañueño de puntilla. Por cieto esa moqueta tiene una pinta excepcional. Un beso y espero que sigas bien. Ana

  30. I am so sad to hear you aren't feeling up to par. It amazes me that your posts have been so cheerful. That is so like you, to rise above it like the Cielo!!!! Hugs...

  31. So great we have celebrated wedding anniversaries together!!!, yes August 17th...
    So happy that you have shared what you have been living and that you feel much, much better now!


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