Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do you have a favorite photograph?

"Without mysteries, life would be very dull indeed.
What would be left to strive for if everything were known?"
(Charles de Lint)
This is one of my favorite picture ever of dear Fairy Tesa and me. It was taken last year by my mom... Mom didn't have the first clue how to operate my camera, so I told her to just follow my instructions and press the shutter button... and this is what it came out. The photo hasn’t been altered in any way. I remember only intense green green green everywhere, and have no idea why the change of colors in grass. Particularly lovely is the softer shade of green around us; as if we were standing on a luminous cloud. And what’s that shadow dancing at my feet, or why the trees in the background seem to evaporate against a muted background? I just love it all! The colors and composition of landscape and mountains bestow stillness; perhaps even mystery and a sense of the ethereal that captivates my soul. I just love it! 
Do you have a favorite photograph? What type of feelings bestow on you? Please take me to your world and tell me your thoughts. I'd love to hear all about it!

Ps: A huge thanks to all of you for your sweet comments and good wishes on my last post. I am humbled by your gentle words. May you be blessed!



  1. Hi Cielo...that is an absolutely stunning, and beautiful, photo. Your Mom may have missed her calling-lol

    One of my favorite photos ever is my husband holding our 2 year old daughter up to get a drink of water from a bubbler in a park. It is an awesome blend of him watching her as she is staring raptly at the water. Thanks for bringing that particular scene to my memory.

    If I haven't told you before-your blog is lovely, peaceful and enchanted. Diana

  2. dear Cielo, the picture is very very lovely indeed ... the shadow dancing at your feet is a dog for your protection ... sent by your angel ... xoxox kri

  3. What a beautiful picture... I love it, too... I know you just treasure it. I think it should be framed, for sure. I think that shadow is your faerie self... Hugs.

  4. Pareceís estar en el País de las Hadas ...en uno de esos lugares que se describen en los cuentos y que solo alcanzamos a imaginar...
    Hoy lo he conseguido gracias a tu fotografía y tú ten por seguo que has estado allí

  5. The photo is so beautiful and it looks like it has been taken in a far-away, strange and wonderful place.
    have a nice weekend

  6. Adorable,beautiful photo,dear Cielo!!!

    Wish you also dreaamly august weekend,my beautiful friend!-)*


  7. What a wonderful ethereal photo of you and little Fairy Tesa!

    One of my favorite photos is of our two sons when they were little, playing, and happily smiling for the camera. They were charming!


  8. Spectacular!!!! That is a amazing pictures. I love the different hues of colors.Very beautiful photo of both of you. I think your mother has a hidden talent.
    Joy & Blessings,

  9. hi dear,this is really a nice pic..

  10. What a beautiful memory...I love the photo! I'm sure it will be treasured always. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Hola Cielo! That is a beautiful photograph indeed, especially coz it's a first time shot taken by your Mom. She's got the eye for sure. I'm not sure I can pick just one favorite photograph...I'll have to think about that. Happy Friday to you!

  12. Hello,
    this is truly a very lovely photo. I see why you love it.
    The first one that came to mind is the one I have as my current header. My daughters and I took a girls trip earlier this year and we stayed where my cousin care-takes a family's home. This lodge style home sat near their pond and that was my view that first morning of light rain and a mother goose sitting on her nest underneath the willow tree. There are others of course - the ones I love most are of my husband and our babies years ago - them sleeping on his chest and or lap - and he's sleeping too.
    Thanks for the smiles today,

  13. Mysteries are the great sense of our life. Thank you for reminding me this. :))

  14. Beautiful photo Cielo~!

    Would love for you and any of your followers to come share a vintage treaure each weekend and link your blog!



  15. What a lovely, lovely photograph! It's amazing how images such as these can manifest themselves, almost although they were created from our hearts.

  16. I love that photo! It's just lovely. :)

    My favourite picture is of my two oldest boys when they were 2 and 3 years old. At our first home, we had a small creek that ran through our backyard. The picture is of them, with sticks, pretending to fish.


  17. My dearest Cielo--- I would have to say- this photo of my little fairy and her mima is one of my favorites, We have it blown up in her room. She cherishes it. She loves her fairy mima:-) Hopefully soon the winds will grace us with your presence and the earth will sprout beautiful flowers for your arrival... We miss you and send our love..... Tesa and Becky




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