Thursday, May 6, 2010

Barthroom Beauty Snapper Party with Shelia

Why do you blog? Why do we all blog? I often question myself with these profound philosophical thoughts. Really, don’t you think it’s important to know what we blog for? At least, it would help us achieve the purpose, or aim of our blogging. Some people blog to make money online, some others blog to claim fame or to get to hit the 10 millionth visitors mark on their blog. Does that make them a better person? A richer person in spirit? Does their happiness expand in line with this new acquired fame? What some bloggers sometimes fail to see is that amidst the fame and recognition, they lose the fun of blogging and the true expression of the heart. There are expectations, even an image of perfection in the eyes of the readers. Whilst a blogger’s achievements are glorified, like a double edged sword…. I blog for the pure sheer liberating pleasure of expressing myself. Blogging for me is a way of celebrating life. Life is a gift, and we ought to celebrate that gift every day, with reverence and pure joy. Besides, isn’t it good to just be able to be your good old foolish funny silly melancholic shallow love-intoxicated, giddy far-sighted and so on wonderful you, without being unhindered? Freedom is the state of being unhindered. And that’s what blogging means to me...
I am happy that I can be my old passionate childish self here….
And be able to use my invisible wings whenever I want... zoom, zap, zing! I can go everywhere, as light as air… shifting, turning, blazing like fire..
I am glad I can let free my inner fantasist without feeling ashamed, or foolish
And be a fairy and a witch all together, even on the same day if I just want to…
And play silly games in front of the bathroom mirror when no one is looking so that later the whole world can come and look… and even dare show my ugly and wrinkly gardener's hands with no shame at all whatsoever…
And pretend I’m Sofia Loren
And truly believe I’m the Most High Diva of the Bathroom ever! (Hope the real Most High Diva Shelia is not listening!) Well, dear ones, this has been my contribution to our dear Shelia’s “Bathroom Beauty Snapper” party! What fun this has been !
Please visit Shelia and see what other Bathroom Divas are doing!


  1. Tus fotos estan preciosas, y brillas como una Diva!!!


  2. Oh I love all of your pictures. You are beautiful and you photograph beautifully. Such a wonderful party and great fun. Hugs, Marty

  3. That was such a cute blog post. You look so lovely in all of your pix.
    In answer to the question, Why do I blog??? Hmmmm??
    I think I do it not only to express myself, but to find ladies who things in common with me and since I don't work outside of the home, it is a way to make friends and feel like there are other women out there who know me better and like to visit with me. I sometimes think that I would love to get together with some of my blogging friends in person. That may never happen, but by visiting your blog, I feel like I really know you and I get so inspired to get out and make my home and garden prettier and full of fantasy!
    hugs and smiles

  4. Your post took my breath away! What an incredible inner beauty and spirit you have ~ not to mention the amazing outer beauty. It's nice to meet you ..........

  5. How pretty you are, and so photogenic! Great shots and neat captions!


  6. My goodness! Can you make me look like that? Just once more before I croak? LOL
    Lovely photo's!


  8. I loved your photos, very nice job and I do think you look like Sophia Loren !! I blog because it pleases me, I do it for myself and if others enjoy it too all the better.

  9. Hello and thanks for your comment!

    I blogg because it is one way to get a contact with other gardeners.

    And garden means to me a way to serve God - even though I am agnostic..../Anja

  10. Oh Cielo,
    your pictures at the mirror are so beautiful and funny!
    With love,

  11. What everyone else said!! Another great post....thank you :) Jenny

  12. All I can say is Va Va Va Voom! You are such a beauty!!! and so sweet. DOn't despair on me. I'm taking my cup picture tonight when school is out!! This has been a week to pull my hair out with testing at school, Mom, my son away... simply need to escape to my fairy ways... I love your photos... and you!

  13. My blog is mainly philatelic, but I still linked your blog to mine because yours is SO is an inspiration for others, regardless of their hobbies and interests.
    Best wishes to you!
    Please explore my websites.
    I could help you create custom/personalized stamps with your images, etc.

  14. Oh my you are very beautiful, i love all of your pretty snaps! I love blogging too!!! LOVE IT! It inspires me and suppports my creativity!
    Stop by for a quick visit!

  15. You go girl! Way to embrace this party! Beautiful! I blog to share my life with others, and to be inspired by others. I never realized there were so many other women out there who enjoy decorating and projects around the house as much as I do!

  16. What gorgeous pics!! You do look like a young Sophia Loren. That hair, oh we would all love to have your hair! And your right, blogging should be about the fun inner spirit in all of us.

  17. Cute post! Your pictures are beautiful I love the shot in the second one!!! its pretty cool. Have a great day Sincerely Jonny

  18. Oh, Dear Cielo! Look at you, Most Gorgeous One! What lovely snaps and you do look like Sophia Loren! You are just the most photogenice one and so lovely! Inside and out! I love blogging and I love you! Thank you, Dear Cielo for joining my party! Your magicalness is shining through!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  19. You and I blog for the same wonderful reasons Cielo.

    You are gorgeous!

  20. Hey beautiful. :)
    I blog for pretty much the same reasons. I love being myself on here and yeah, some people think I'm weird but some people love it! and me!
    I think that it's fun! :)


  21. I love your photos, pretty woman :-)

    What a great idea of Sheila! I love the button!

    Thank you for showing!

    Hugs- Ines

  22. que linda!!!buena camara sony!!
    es reflex???


  23. I ask myself the same question all the time. I guess the answer is still brewing? But, you're right, it's fun to turn loose and have fun even in blogland! Shelia's idea is great. You do photograph well. Enjoyed your post and snaps! Thanks, Jenn

  24. Fun pictures, Cielo! And you are a BBD... Beautiful Bathroom Diva!


    Sheila :-)

  25. Hello Cielo
    I also blog for pure pleasure. No adds, no gimmicks, just a whole lot of love in my posts. I am me and will never stray from that, ever!
    You are a beautiful little fairy princess. I see your little wings, I really do.
    Happy Diva Day Cielo.
    Love Claudie

  26. Great post and awesome blog! I'm new to the blogging world...only started a couple of months ago and most of my few readers are family members or friends I've known forever and I'm perfectly okay if they're the only ones who ever read it because I simply love doing it and it brings so many thoughts and memories to the surface and truly makes me a happier person. So does reading blogs like yours. You are an inspiration.

  27. Ah what an envious head of hair you have my dear (doesn't that sound like the wolf in red riding hood???). Sophia Lauren...?? yup, you could pass as her sister or daughter! It is fun, isn't it!!! I love fun things like this!

  28. Hi there,
    You are so beautiful, inside and out. Inside, because you always have such insightful thoughts to share with us. Ootside because, well just look at those pictures! What a lovely lovely, as one of my friends used to say. (A lovely lovely is REALLY lovely!!)
    Have a great weekend.
    PS. I blog to have contact and share ideas and inspiration with people like YOU!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  29. Hello Cielo, I am so with you on why I blog. The thrill of expressing myself any way I want is worth all the time it takes. Just for the sheer fun of it! It is a kind of journal of my life. I only hope to inspire others from time to time because life is worthy of inspiration.

    Speaking of inspiration, you were definitely inspired to join the Divas. You look lovely and I can tell you had fun taking those photos. So did I Cielo. Shelia is our inspiration for this post. HA!
    You are beautiful and I hope you can show those pretty hands with traces of gardening for a long time. Mine are garden weary too. I love digging in the dirt!!!

    Love you, Jeanne

  30. Hi Cielo! I so enjoyed reading your post, and looking at all of your pretty pics! I especially had to laugh at the hands part....sounds like mine...except older hands!! Sigh, summer is not the time for long manicured nails, not for me, especially when I want to feel the dirt. I blog mainly so my family can see what is happening on this side of the pond. However, as it turns out I get more blog friends looking than family! I can agree with you on what you said, it give us the chance to speak, even if no one listens! Plus, I love to look at all the blogs, especially ones with gardens, so I can sigh and wonder how long will it be....! So enough said! Now my little break is over, and it is time to get these hands dirty!!!
    Take Care!

  31. How creatively you write and what a beautiful woman you are. Your hair is gorgeous!

  32. Love love love your new look for your blog!!! I always love your posts!!! Mrs.Sofia Loren!! lol

  33. You are so pretty and it looks like you had a ball, posing for your mirror pics. :))

    Blogging is just plain fun for me..I am sometimes sorry that it seems to have turned into a popularity contest but I just overlook those things and...just fall in love with so many of the bloggers I know. They are like olden friends. You are one of them.:)
    Happy Mother's Day....

  34. You Are gorgeous and isn't that fun! I wish mine looked as good as yours!

    I need a favor..I am sorry but I cannot find your email to send my pix for our Monday party! If you let me know via my blog I won't post your email...thanks!

  35. Blogging for me is a balance of things - I really started for my mother, but I love the community I find here, and the inspiration, as well as the business side as my website is web based. In fact the convoluted etiquette is as fascinating as anything!

    But more than anything, I love taking photos...

  36. Hi: Well, I think I am ready for your party. Can't wait! You take very pretty pictures. I blog just for they joy of blogging and meeting new friends. Blessings, Martha

  37. Sweet Cielo,
    Beautiful as always,I come here want to have a "Happy Mothers Day"!!
    God bless you with much love and peace !!!!!!!!!
    I love you!!!!!!!!
    Big kisses!!!!!

  38. Oooohhhh my Sunshine Cielo!!!-)*

    These is truly avery lovely post ever...You looks SO amazingly beauty!!!

    Wish you a wonderful and very special Mom day,my bleseed,phantsic friend:-)))*

    My Love and many sunny hugs for you,

  39. Oh phooey I said it well the first time but it got lost in cyberspace..You are beautiful and free and your hands are the hands of one who coaxes life and beauty from dirt so they are to be admired. Your freedom of expression is a gift!

  40. Ceilo your inner beauty shines brightly in all the posts that you share on your blog!
    Happy Mother's Day beautiful Lady!

  41. I so agree with you! What a fabulous post and your photos are stunning too! You DO look like Sophia Loren...OMG!!!

    Great job Cielo!

    Best wishes for a beautiful week,

  42. Well your certainly as beautiful as Sofia Loren and love your pictures.
    I started my site as my way of doing a journal...never thought anyone else would read it or join it. lol
    Always love stopping by here.


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