Friday, March 12, 2010


Have you ever felt lonely? I felt lonely this morning. The Café was buzzing with people, yet I found myself plagued by the gnawing emptiness of loneliness. Loneliness is a universal emotion, and has surprisingly little to do with being alone. I cherish my moments of solitude, silence is deep as eternity, and it is in silence that God is known; however, you could bask in the blissful peace of solitude, and still feel lonely.

Loneliness is not a pleasant feeling, but we need to remind ourselves that a certain amount of loneliness is normal and natural. It's also necessary. If you're never alone, you might not find out who you really are because you don't get the chance to look at yourself apart from others.

So good day to you my lonesome friends out there! Today I invite you to maintain a state of positive expectations about people and situations, including a positive state of energy in your thoughts and emotions. There is a whole new world waiting for you as the day breaks. A beautiful world, even if you have to travel it alone. So cheer up, and enjoy your morning coffee!

Ps: If you are visiting the house in the roses for the first time, or any time, I invite you to come back this Sunday evening for a special feature of "Show Off Your Cottage Monday". You would not want to miss it! See you then.


  1. You are so right when you state, you are never alone. It can and does feel like that sometimes....melancoly, not sure I spelled that right. But, I am sure you get the picture. Stay happy and be well my friend, Char

  2. Greetings Miss,
    I think I lived in England once in a past life. When I visited a few years ago, I felt at home there and now I get horrible pangs of homesickness for the Salisbury Plains and the Western Weald. It is a type of lonliness, I suppose. And I feel it most when I am overloaded with stimuli. I love my solitude and my thoughts of my ancient home are peaceful and happy then. Thank You for your post. I always feel like I'm visiting family when I stop by your House in the Roses.

  3. Wow, Cielo, this is just what I am feeling right now...
    we have visitors here and yet, I feel lonely. I feel distanced from those around me, but maybe a good distance. Sometimes I like the lonely feeling so that I can appreciate all the more those around me.

    Thanks for this post, and for always inspiring me on my blogs....
    Un abrazo grande,

  4. Hi Cielo,
    Lovely photos as always and I hope you have a very unlonely weekend!
    I will be back for sure for Show off Your cottage Monday!!!


  5. I thinl lonliness attacks us all...I love time alone, but I hate when I feel lonely...which is rare....but I want to be sensitive to those that do feel that way

  6. I don't know that I feel loneliness, as much as boredom every once in a great while. My husband works long hours and I don't work, so I have been alone a lot and being the dreamer that I am, I can keep myself company. I love solitude.
    Remember the song from the 1964 Cinderella movie starring Leslie Ann Warren...."In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be." I find myself singing that song so many times. If Cinderella could find happiness in that dirty, damp cellar of her stepmothers, then I can find happiness every day too.

  7. It's true that we all need some alone time, but when the lonely mood strikes it helps to get out in the sunshine...that is..if there is any out there!

  8. great insight! I am grateful for the alone times I have so I can sit and listen for God to speak to my heart! Love your posts.

  9. Hope your loneliness is abated knowing you have many friends in blogland that wait for each new post and feel like we know you and are sharing a moment of friendship. Have a fulfilling weekend and just look at the loneliness as you time.

  10. yes, I do feel the depth of that as well...and I am not a sad person..yet those moments visit by...a comfort to know that you do to...makes one feel less alone..

  11. I definitely have those days. I enjoy having alone time, but there are days I just feel lonely. Luckily it usually passes after a day. You are right though, it is good to have some time alone where we can just think and be.

  12. I am new here but a warm hello! I found you moseying thru some blogs! I know Im feeling that way too..but it dosent stay Thank the Lord! Some sprinkeling of huggs yo you! ox Janet
    Come visit my blog!

  13. Hello Cielo,
    beautiful photoes! Sorry, my english is too bad for saying you what I want to say. But Your "story" is wonderful and I can understand you emotions good.
    Nevertheless, have a nice weekend.

  14. It is so good that you mention a whole new world waiting for us. And if we don't know loneliness , we can't value companionship. I love the scripture "Sorrow my last for the night but Joy cometh in the morning".

    Go buy yourself some fresh roses. They make the best company.

  15. Darling Cielo~
    I enjoy your blog. This topic is so honest. And I do agree that it is 100% better to discover who we really are, inside, rather than immerse ourselves in activities that gulp us up to the point we don't even notice those moments of "here I am in the midst of all this activity yet I am not part of it." That insight, to me, is a step into Eternity. Love this post. I read you blog all the time but don't always comment. Amy

  16. Dear Cielo!-)*

    When I road you post...I would like to take you hand and look in you eays and I would like to be together with you!

    You photos are beautiful,my dear enchanted soul!!!

    My love and hugs,


  17. Nice brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

  18. What a beautiful blog you have! Just lovely.

  19. its hard to hear the voice of God if not spend time in solitude with Him


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