Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finding the divine in every day

What do you do when you happened upon a pretty orphaned teacup or saucer at your favorite thrift store? Do you buy it or figure you won’t have any use for it because either the matching teacup or saucer is missing?

I found these three lovely orphaned saucers at a thrift store the other day and immediately felt in love with them… I couldn’t find their matching cups anywhere, but that didn’t stopped me from bringing them home. I knew exactly what to do…

I knew my everyday plain-Jane (but gorgeous to me) white cups didn’t mind a little flare…

My pretty saucers have served me well… these white cups, (it almost seem they're made out of lace doen't it!) I bought at another thrift store a while a go didn’t have matching saucers either...

But now they do! Lovely new saucers meant to be just for them!

Some of my favorite plates and china are also mismatched orphaned thrift store treasure too pretty to leave behind… finding the divine in every day is so divine, isn't it!

And oh have you noticed? I've made some cupcakes! Won't you stay for a while?

I'm getting so much better with my merengue (Spn) these days...

What would a simple white cup be without a lovely saucer? A cupcake without some yummy cream cheese frosting? (My favorite ever!) Whether it's a warm glaze drizzled over a bundt cake or a fluffy frosting topping festive cupcakes, that sweet swirl of sugar, milk, butter, and flavorings gives desserts a perfect sweet finish, doesn’t it! I'm joining Sandi, Rhondi, and Lady Katherine for some tea! Come see!


  1. Cielo, I gave my expensive 12 place settings china to my granddaughter a couple of years ago because I've started to cherish the shabby mis-matched look more, sweetpea. I love having different kinds of rose plates on the table when we eat even just the two of us. It most often is a different plate each night for each of us. I just adore what you've done. A plain cup with a rose plate is exquisite, chick.

    Now, you must tell me what your favorite junk shop is!


  2. Something to think about when you find an orphaned piece of china which I often find at Goodwill. Your cupcakes look yummy!~Patti

  3. Good morning Cielo,
    I love mis-matched china now more than I ever did! I used to be so matchy-matchy but I'm liking shabby more these days. It's more comfortable and relaxed, don't you think? Yours are lovely and the little cuppies look yummy too. I'm so glad you've joined me today for Tea Time Tuesday. Hope you have a scrumptious day.


  4. Thank you for the invite; how could I resist one of those cupcakes!? I love your china finds. Missmatched is the best, don't you think? Enjoying your new blog backgrounds too. xo,

  5. Mismatched pieces are my favorite! Your saucers are very pretty. I love the picture of the birds in the cup.

  6. Hi Cielo,
    those saucers are so pretty!I like mixing and matching too and you never know when the cup will show up too!

  7. Dear Cielo
    I am so glad you joined my tea party. I love all your mismatched cups and saucers. They have a special beauty all their own and you are just the one to bring it out. Thanks for the pretty cupcakes too. I have been a very poor blog friend and haven't been to visit you in quite awhile :( Please forgive me.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  8. I LOVE your white teacups with the pretty little saucers. They are beautiful and give just the right touch of charm and elegance. Those cupcakes look divine! So gorgeous! Wishing you a day of beauty and blessings, Tammy

  9. Hi, Cielo! Like you, I love the mis-matched look. If I love it, I buy it, simple as that--LOL! And for tea, tea parties, the mis-matched look is just perfect. I love your table settings here... and not least the look of those cupcakes...mmm... Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

  10. How I do love all of your lovely finds! Your dishes all mismatched are so lovely together! They have found a wonderful home! The white tea cup is lovely with the saucers. Love your cupcakes! How I love the lacy plate, and all your wonderful dishes! They are so, so pretty together! Wish, I could find some pieces as lovely as yours! Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday! I had a lovely visit for Tea!

  11. I love mismatched things. When I see something and I have them money I will get it. Your arrangement is beautiful.


  12. Oh my goodness, what beautiful saucers, I love them! I am new follower and your blog is awesome!

    Nancy's Notes

  13. Hello Cielo,
    Your blog looks so lovely. I like how you call them orphaned tea cups and saucers. How cute is that. I love your tea, and your cupcakes look scrumptious.

  14. Hello Cielo
    I have been one to only like and use perfectly matched china and teapcups. After seeing what you and other bloggers create, I am going to seriously think about loosening up and changing my ways.
    Why is everyone serving such yummy things for tea today when I'm trying to diet? :-)

  15. I would love to stay a while and take tea with you Cielo. Tku so much for the invite.

    You put things together so very well.....I love your crockery pieces.......

  16. It is so nice to be here in the House in the Roses...always!

    and yummy!

  17. Cielo..what a very divine post..so beautiful in every scene..your tea cups are magical..your cupcakes enchanting..what happens when you eat one?!! Super lovely post..always a joy to visit!

  18. My sweet heart Cielo!-)*

    You can indeed to find the divine in every day of you life...

    I adore you look about all things,and this one is again as a little fresh wind throught the daily life!!!

    Thank you,my dear friend for share this,

    My love and care,


  19. Beautiful...so glad that I stopped by....Having a sleepless night in Shreveport, so thought I would blog hop....Enjoyed my stop here...

  20. hi hun...glad to have found your blog...it's lovely! i love roses, vintage china and loads of other lovely stuff like you!
    i like those saucers very much...even more so the lovely cupcakes.
    feel free to pop over and say hello if you have five mins hun... www.tillyroseblog.blogspot.com
    karen x

  21. Your saucers are gorgeous. And pairing them with the white teacup looks so lovely. They certainly do marry well.


  22. Hi cielo,thanks for stopping by !! I just love your blog!! I love all the beautiful china.I'm at the thrift store so often,i find the best old china there.I just love everything old...Kathy

  23. Hi Cielo,

    Such pretty plates. I put some mismatched china pieces in my garden, scattered amoung the flowers. The look so pretty! Just stand them up, and press them gently into the soil. I get a lot of compliments on them. Someone actually asked me if I was growing dishes! LOL!!

  24. Very cute, I would of bought them to. Thanks for sharing. XO MARY


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