Friday, January 29, 2010

Pure bliss

Today I worked through my lunch so I could leave the office an hour earlier... Now I’m here, in my sanctuary: My home. Enchantment floats around me like tiny butterflies, I look out the window and I'm transported, I’m as happy as a little girl...

Why? Because it's 5:14pm and is still daylight outside…. Can you believe it!
Hurry!--my spirit sings, the garden is calling... daylight is almost over. I am certain I can hear a lark singing in the apple tree, I know this isn’t true, but I still want to believe it… and so I am hearing it. I rush to the garden, my heart racing as I go wandering its magical secret places, I tour it slowly, peering for any signs of life amongst the myriads of dead leaves; drinking in every thing I see; every detail weaved in the ground… My garden is a lovely mess.
Yeap! I never ever rake my leaves in the fall as so many gardeners faithfully do… all of those leaves and bits and pieces are mulch. They will help keep the soil moist in dry weather; they will feed the worms and serve as a protective blanket in the winter…
Earlier today, a friend mentioned how her crocuses are already peeking out in her garden, I’m looking for signs of spring in my garden, eager to see the narcissus bursting out of the ground like little white clouds, like fluttering little yellow butterflies… but I don’t see anything; not yet.
Ahhh! Soon in my soul I am saying, ahhh… of course, as I walk the garden I’m envisioning its rebirth, roses blooming, the sweet fragrance of the lilac tree intoxicating my senses with feelings of beauty and peace… I'm already envisioning the bouquets of cut flowers that I may pick… Nature’s spirit certainly knows how to move me... her touch is healing.

I want to pull the dead leaves aside and search for a sign of new life in that thick covering under the vine, but I’m afraid to get my hands in there and ruffle in the soil, for you never know what might jump up on you, or what’d be hiding in there… maybe a new fairy ring, or a pixie playing games or a gnome chanting magical hymns… That’s how enchanted my garden is...
But oh, wait! I do see something there after all… I really do! Over there, in my flower bed... can you see it! Something is growing there.... a mushroom! A huge mushroom and it certainly doesn't look eatable.... In fact, I think it is one of those mushroom-type-of-thing-that-can-so-well-be-cat-poop! Horror!

Morning loves my garden, cats can tell when they see an enchanted garden, you know… oh yes, and so, although Morning doesn’t belong here, she faithfully comes every morning just to catch those magical teeny tiny sunbeams on her nose... and play, and dance with the sparrows, which I don’t mind, really… I like to see her roaming the garden, meowing to the moon at night, but she does leave some nasty designs on the ground sometimes… I've been mistified by the last rays of the day... enchantment floats around me… what do you do when you feel happy? I cook; really, I love to flip through pages and pages of beautiful photographs of recipes and be tempted by all the assortment of colorful yummy dishes in it...

This evening I’m trying a new recipe: Pecan Tart!
By the time I finished, night through the valley had already crept in, birds had settled down in the west, and my window is now aglow against the backdrop of the silent garden—or so it seems. Little specks of magic dust are floating everywhere... they settle down ever so gently, like a golden magical veil of peace and quiet.

I am alone in the house. Mike is not here to savor a new slice of another magical evening with me, so I would have to enjoy tea by myself along with this delicious mouth-watering mini pecan tart.

The cream cheese crust is not totally done—might have to confess; too sticky, perhaps too soft... still... delicious sheer bliss under this cozy roof.


  1. Beautiful post. I love to cook when I am happy or doing alittle sewing, maybe work in my garden, or read a book.


  2. Es perfecto poder disfrutar de los últimos rayos de las tarde tranquila en casita.
    El manto de hojas forma parte indiscutible del paisaje invernal.
    Esas mesas que nos muestras, siempre tan perfectas, invitan a merendar.

  3. Cielo sweetie...
    I love your post. So beautiful as always. I love the blue cast that seeps through the window on the lamp sitting on your table. It is so magical to see. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Your tart looks so wonderful. It has inspired me to bake today. I don't know what yet, but yes I am going to bake today.

    You asked what makes me happy? Writing, I love writing all sorts of things. Some days stories, some days just thoughts, but yes writing makes me most happy.

    Have a beautiful weekend my sweet friend. I have some gardening to do today. Here in the desert we have gardens years round to tend to, there is no snow, no rest for the weary.

    Country hugs and so much love..>Sherry

  4. Cielo, sweet friend ~ I find such peace & enjoyment when I am with you here. You lift the day from one, bringing such contentment & beauty ...

    Hmmm! That pecan tart looks good, sticky or not ...

    Have a beautiful weekend.

    Hugs, TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. Welcome back to paradise- I say to meself>!

    Beautiful hair!

  6. Yes, the days are getting longer!

    I so love that photo of the lamp in the window, by the lace curtains. Oh it is soooooooo lovely. Did you make the lacy shade covering, by putting a round piece of cloth over it?

    I'd so love to try that........ It doesn't get so warm, that it would be a fire hazard, I take it...

  7. Oh my! This post warmed my heart! :o) Such nice photos! Your dried roses are really lovely.

  8. Isn't it great that the days are longer? It really makes me feel happy too.
    We have 2 neighbor cats that I find in our garden very often in the morning. They are often sitting by our pond, I wonder what they know that I don't? My daughters and I think fairies might be visiting our garden too :)

  9. Yes the days are longer now, and even the mornings show more sign of light than before. I never rake leaves off of my garden either, it's natures blanket! A cup of tea would be nice now as we are having on and off again sleet/ice/rain. Your table setting is so pretty, an enjoyable sight!

  10. So romantic. Love your style this week.

  11. Oh Cielo,
    I SO needed to read this post today.
    Lately I feel like my life is so full of things I 'have to do'. Little time for looking for fairies, flowers and such....

    Feeling like so much of who I am is gone now.
    I really need to spread my wings and let the fairy in me fly (as your banner says).

    Perhaps soon. :)

    p.s. That tart looks amazing.

  12. I loved this post. Such pretty pictures as always. I love the lamp sitting by the lacey curtains. Such a cozy spot. That pecan tart looks delicious! When I'm happy, I love to bake too. My little boy and I baked cookies last night and I baked a cake and took to work the day before. I'm still dieting so I don't want to have it hanging around the house. LOL

    Can't wait for Spring!
    Lee Laurie

  13. Hey. Super site uk weather today

  14. Dear charming. Sometimes it is good to eat alone and savour the moment. Taking in each mouthful and appreciating the flavours of something new.

    When I am happy I love to be in the garden and walk with the birds........also I love to sing when the house is empty.

    Have a lovely week.....

    BTW love the new mystical, magical.......

  15. Oh Cielo,this is the happiest of posts! I am glad you can see the light at later hours,it is such a small increment, but growing with each day with the promise of what is to come. We did enjoy going out to the garden with you. All gardens feed our soul, but none as much as our own space. I am rechaged in the same way as you describe by being out, no matter the weather. Your pecan tart looks perfect. :-)

  16. everything in your life seems so regal
    so beautiful, elegant

    I don't like to cook though

    and the butterflies were lovely

  17. I am happy or doing alittle sewing, maybe work in my garden, or read a book.

    Work from home India

  18. Darling, thanks for stopping by my cottage and for the sweet comment you left behind, much appreciated. You have a lovely blog…a serene blog. I am glad our blogs have crossed paths. I just joined your followers and will be back often to visit.

    Love & Hugs


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