Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Of angels and spring fever

I have always find hope in the skies. Something glorious will be coming from there one day... the sky has gifts to give to those who believe--piercing tremendous gifts of peace and hope...

...And so, I've decided I’m going to like my new garden angel, which, truth be told, I thought him somewhat creepy at first; too ominous perhaps for my little sunny garden. But priced at only $6.99, I knew I had to bring him home with me.

“Soon,”---whispers my new angel... “Spring is almost here”—the sparrows chirp. “Have faith,”—I hear the breeze repeating as it caresses the still bare branches of our pear tree. Well, if my garden inhabitants are content to wait, so must I be too, but I tell you, it has been a long long winter already, and I so want to be out in my garden.

Ahhhh, Spring Fever: Do You Have It, Too?


  1. I think it looks wonderful there, honey; can't beat the price and yessssssss, I'm looking forward to spring here in the deserts of Idaho....

  2. What a fantastic find! I love your angel. I was daydreaming today and also posted an arbor pic. Funny!

  3. No spring fever here in Surrey UK just yet it is so cold and may even snow again on Friday.

    Your angel looks lovely contrasted against the blue sky.

  4. Tu angelito esta precioso. Tambien espero la primavera

  5. Hi Cielo,
    I love the angel and what a great price too!


  6. It's beautiful, Cielo! And, like you, I'm ready to get out and dig in the dirt!

  7. YES YES YES, the fog and frost lifted today and i saw sunshine

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  9. Hi Cielo,

    Of course I have Spring Fever! I am done with winter here ~ one month of ice cold weather is enough for me. Your angel is lovely.

    I am so glad that I found you through Flickr and have finally been able to accept your "Cottage Monday" invitation {even though I forgot to post with you on Monday...}.

    I would love to be listed on your blog roll among that group of lovely bloggers, and of course you may consider yourself one of my "blog beauties." {I tried posting on that link, but it would not post.} Thanks sweetie!

    Ciao bella,

  10. The angel is so cute and what a good price. I too have spring fever and finally ordered my seeds for my garden this year.


  11. I am getting there for sure!
    Usually by mid Feb, I'm ready for Spring to show up.


  12. A beautiful new angel for your garden, and what a find!

    Count me in, I'm ready for spring (with apologies to old man winter.)

    Lovely post Cielo! xo

  13. I do have spring fever - can't wait for the warming rays of a hotter sun.
    -Thanks for your visit - without it i wouldn't have found your blog!

  14. Ohhhhhhh what a precious cottage Header! Oh I want to live there! May I borrow it for a while? :-)))


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