Saturday, December 12, 2009

A winter wonderland - My world today

Another winter storm blew through our area bringing more snow and white frigid air along....

Streets, rivers and valleys are hidden under the purest of white, and in the far distance you can see the hills dressed in sparkling diamonds... like a bride before the altar at her wedding day...

Snow has veiled the garden. White white white…. White saturates every corner of it, impairing my vision.

This afternoon, I wanted to paint the garden… like a painter before her clean canvas; bring in the reds of the Fragrant Cloud, the pinks of the Chicago Peace and the purples of the tall delphiniums…
But it is winter, and white is the predominant color. I can't say that I was all that disappointed though. The garden was a peaceful sight. I could even feel the presence of angels watching over it….

And see fairies hiding behind bushes with snow cones on their heads... 

The birds were having a party to which, naturally, I was invited.

They were making such a pleasant racket around the bird feeders Fresh snow and new goodies in every food station certainly make happy birds 
Ah yes, let is snow... but only when I'm at home Nothing like watching the snow from the cozyness of home!

Is it snowing in your part of the world? Do you like, or dislike winter? I would love to hear your story.


  1. What a wonderful post. I get such pleasure from a snow filled day. It's a rarity in my part of the country, so I deeply appreciate them all the more when we get one. As always, I also get pleasure from your charming and delightful blog!

  2. Hola Cielo, qué frio!!! Donde yo vivo nieva un poco y sólo algunas veces hemos tenido un poco más de nieve que tú ahora. Yo sufro con la nieve porque mi jardín sufre también,muchos árboles se quiebran y otros se queman...a veces enciendo el riego automático para que el hielo y nieve se derritan.
    Tus fotos están muy bellas, y espero que estés abrigada en el calor de tu hogar.
    Maria Cecilia

  3. Hola Cielo, en el Norte de España estamos esperando la nieve por lo menos en las cotas más altas. Tu jardín nevado es una maravilla. Dices que sientes la presencia de un angel en el jardín. Es curioso, yo estos días también siento la presencia de un Angel en mi blog. Muchos besos. Un placer venir a verte. Ana

  4. I love snow. These pictures win my heart... as does your blog! I always cherish it as the last blog I read during the sitting... so I can linger in your garden and visit with you, Cielo. So peaceful and soothing... Thank you. It is what I needed. Have you signed up for my giveaway yet? I'd love for you to come over and win the book... Hugs, Gayla

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I love your blog!!!!!!!!!

  6. What a beautiful fairytale you gave us. I love the peaceful look that snow brings us and through your window, with that wonderful lamp, it's even more lovely. Thank you.

  7. Such a lovely post....for the lady that loves white it is just so perfect.

    I love all seasons....each one is a blessing to me. I do not have snow.....icy rain and a biting north wind. BUT as I type I sit in front of a log dog by my man reading a book sits close. I am happy.......

    Blessings safely.......

  8. I do like winter. If it would only NOT snow on the driveway and streets I'd be very happy.
    We've had snow for the last 5 days and it can stop anytime.

    Loved this post! Your garden looks very peaceful and beautiful. :)


  9. Hi Cielo
    I love winter mostly from the inside of the house. We don't have much snow here but only an hour's drive north there is lots.
    On calm days that are not too cold, a walk in the snow is a calming experience - so much beauty to enjoy.
    Thanks for sharing your snowy pictures.

  10. Hi Cielo,
    I love snow in early winter but by March I am sick of it and it tends to linger too long here.


  11. Oh my gosh - what a beautiful winter garden you have, Cielo! I love the way you phrase things, along with your photos. You are so gifted! Thank you for sharing it with us!... Donna

  12. I love the peaceful look that snow brings us and through your window,

    Work from home India

  13. Wishing you the blessings of the season from the cozy cottage to your little beautiful haven. Thank you for all the beautiful glimpses I have had through the windows of your world this year...I pop by often and today I wanted you to know that! Yes it is snowing right now...I hear the flakes tapping on the window pane...Misses Peach reminds you that "Happiness is quality not quantity"


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