Thursday, December 10, 2009

The joy of soup

I don't like winter, but even as much as I dislike winter, good can still be found in the worse, and winter has its own few joys. One of them, besides leaping into pretty stockings and scarves, is soup.
Winter is for soups. I want to arrive home to a warm house filled with the smells of soup bubbling away on the stove top. My favorite soups are: split pea soup, lentil soup and savory red bean soup. Tonight, however, I chose to make a simple hearty tummy warming goodness in no time flat chicken soup!
Soups are comforting and warming, and perfect for any winter night, especially when the temperature outside is -5.
What's your favorite winter dish? Is it soup? What's your favorite soup?


  1. LOVE soups. Most all kinds. Seriously love them. such comfort food.


  2. Hola Cielo
    Sí, me encanta la sopa, de carne, pollo, verduras, tomate...todas :)

    Espero que estes muy bien, te extrañé mucho!!!



  3. This post made me WISH my screen had a scratch and sniff option :)

    hugs! xx

  4. Hola Cielo, una sopita es siempre bienvenida en los fríos dias de invierno, me gusta la de cebollas y la de zapallo, y si quieres receta le pregunto a mi nana porque es ella la que las hace. Y ahora que tengo un tiempito quiero recorrer tu blog.
    Te dejo un abrazo cariñoso
    María Cecilia

  5. We love soup in our home also- creamy potato is a favorite-
    Happy Day

  6. Hi Cielo!
    My favourite soup too is chicken(wings) and very much onions, gently roasted before adding the water and wings ... it is simply great against any sort of cold (coughing and so on ...) ... greetings from Austria! Love kri

  7. That soup looks wonderful! I love the dishes too. I like potato soup in the winter. Yum!

  8. I love soup too!
    Chicken noodle, potato leek and minestrone soup are my favourites!

    In the winter I love to make chili, stews and pot pies!
    I just love the comfort foods.
    (too much!)

  9. Glad I discovered your delightful blog this morning. I have enjoyed reading and looking at your lovely home.

  10. Good Morning Cielo,

    I find that winter soups are the best part of the season :) Stews and roasts are equally dellghtful. There is nothing more cozy than a warm dish to chase away the chill :)


  11. I'm a big soup eater. I would rather have that than a meat and potatoes meal anytime! My children don't think the same way though so I usually have to make a little something extra whenever I make soup. My favorite soups are vegetable beef, Cheesy potato soup, and taco soup. On a cold day, it just warms up your body. I'm glad we don't have the cold weather like you do. I wouldn't be able to get anything done. I would stay all cuddled up on the couch eating soup! LOL

    Lee Laurie

  12. I haven't lived in a true winter climate in so long that I am not sure what my favorite winter dish would be now!
    I do make soups a favorite is my pumpkin soup!


  13. My fave soup--a hearty lentil--makes you feel all warm and cozy inside!

  14. I love soup, too. Chicken soup is one of my favourite.
    Are you related to Greece in some way? Your lentil soup looks exactly like what we make it here, you know, the traditional way.

  15. I have enjoyed reading and looking at your lovely home.

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