Wednesday, October 2, 2013

For now...

Our temporary place... an older house surrounded by a lovely densely wooded area and a few old statues covered in moss...

It is a strange and lovely home...

Where angels whisper to you when you go out for a walk in its gardens and you feel as if you are some other you...

...somewhere out there walking and dreaming in some strange and wonderful place outside your place...

A disheveled and lovely 100 year old English rose... it tucks at my skirts whenever I pass by, as if wanting to call my attention and whisper in my ear secrets of the woods and yesterdays...

Peaceful statues bathed in morning dew away patiently for the miracle of sunshine to wake them up... 

Sunny, delightful days surrounded by such a wonderful milieu... wonderful and enchanting to all my senses—a scenery so unusual and extraordinary everywhere you look, and walk and breath and all under a most wonderful and magical canopy of greens and birds of blues and reds. 

And there are also those remarkable morning songs and curious night whispers too... songs, or hymns of Nature, made by Nature... of small animals and unrecognizable birds... melodies which I had never heard before. I am enchanted. I am sheltered by the magic of the Appalachia Mountains. And everything there is feels so different and so unique and so wonderful... different and special in its own way—always so green and alive with sunshine and life and Nature.  

I cannot ask for anything better or a better place to be or better people to be surrounded by as a matter of fact... people ever so cordial and warm and so given to this fascinating thing called "Southern hospitality". Can I love this place any more? Ah I am in the right place. My soul is at home and it knows it too. I shiver and amaze at the thought of it all... at how my Heavenly Father, who knows my little heart so well and so deep, had us brought here from all places... a place never thought of, or dream of, or imagined the possibility of ever living here... Looking back at it now it all makes sense... I am dumfounded, and it is almost miraculously, really... miraculous, and inexplicably the way this transition took place... but God is an all knowing God, and He had planned and staged it all so well for us... in a strange and marvelous way.

I can't deny that I miss my girls terribly, and I harbor in my heart this rare blend of nostalgic and absorbing yearn for those wintry autumnal days of burgundy giant oaks and chilly breezes of the North. And I confess that very deep in my heart I hold this secret longing for a garden I once knew and loved; crimson colors of wine-red and maroon carving its floors with quietness and peacefulness. But I am at peace.

My little heart feels warm and happy. And I am forever thankful.


  1. Cielo this post is like a poem to the home you are in now, and the beauty surrounding you. I can tell you are at peace and feel surrounded by Southern hospitality and being in the right place.

  2. What a beautiful post, Cielo. It looks like God has landed you in a place of sweet repose. And here I was worried about you! No need to worry at all-you are in His hands- xo Diana

  3. Life is amazIng and to think how He does have our best interests in mind as this season unfolds. Enjoy!♥♫

  4. Cielo I'm ever so happy for you that you have found the peace and love that you wanted... I was worried for a minute there.. Blessing Cielo.. For God has put you where you needed to be.. with much love Janice

  5. Beautiful Cielo, a lovely post, I am truly glad you are happy and at peace. God Bless.

  6. It is sooooo beautiful. And the house too. But those woods enchant me. This is such a renewal of hope for me. We are trying to stay in our forever home right now and the Lord has spoken to me in so many ways that HE is keeping us here. But i still lack faith at times. You have encouraged my faith in the gentlest of ways. I am soooooo happy for you. I see you thriving in this new magical place.

  7. The statue by the tree and wikd daisies draws me in. This is a sacred place that you have been brought to.

  8. Oh Cielo, what a lovely place - the gardens for you to walk in and the wonderful new home for you to put your stamp on. I am so glad that you have found peace and are happy. God is good.

  9. You write beautifully.
    I just love your blog.
    Love and light to you!

    With love,
    SallyLyn ♥

  10. What a wonderful post. You certainly make your Dear Readers so happy, that you are happy.

    And your delightful view of everything, your magic, your "Eye" for all that is beautiful.... Came with you. As of course it would.

    And in time, you can find deep (Autumnal) colors to plant, around you, where ever your permanent home will be. Thus having bits of Autumn memories, there with you... Even in a warmer setting.

    Oh I am soooooo happppppy for your peace, contentment, and happiness....

    Gentle hugs,

  11. this actually brings tears to my eyes, hearing that you have landed in such a soft place after much fear. I needed this today hearing of others who are suffering terribly. At least some are given gifts of beauty. It is a marvel that you have landed in a place that is SO You! I knew that you would hear the whispers of the new soil asking you to help bring its magic to living color.
    I shiver with joy and relief and hope for others who also need a soft place.

  12. So good to hear from you Cielo...
    You have come to a lovely place as the next stop on your journey. the beauty of nature calls to your spirit and makes your heart sing when you are together. To have the woods at your back door with all its secrets waiting for you to discover is a gift and this garden waits for your special touch.
    we share your happiness....

  13. It is a beautiful home, beautiful gardens, and beautiful wooded area for you to ponder. I am so glad that you were led to this, yet another enchanted place!

  14. Your new temporary home is quite lovely, hushed, and healing. I don't know how long you will be there, but I am assured you will commune with every kindred part... And you, the lovely old home, and we reader-friends will all be better for this time... I learn from your spirit, which teaches softly how to find the gift in the everyday. Yep, you are a truly good person. Please keep sharing your life with us.

    Hugs from Missouri!

  15. Oh Cielo......looks like you have landed in another perfect spot of "heaven on earth". Just beautiful....I know you will make it totally yours in no time.



  16. I am so delighted - yes, there is something special about Southerners and their hospitality...I've lived in the South so many years, and have felt blessed - so glad you're enjoying your new corner of the world - what a blessing,

  17. I am so happy for you Cielo. What a joy to see that you have found such a peaceful and beautiful place. Mi Corazon esta super contento por ti.

  18. Wishing you grace and peace in your lovely new surroundings. Are the sweet statues from your former garden coming to join you?

    We live not far from the eastern side of the Blue Ridge and have found it a sweet haven after 10 long hot years in TX.

    American by birth, Southerner by the grace of God!


  19. Oh Cielo ~ I am so happy to hear that you are embracing your new home and are happy there. I know how your heart was torn about leaving the north, but you are right....God knew what your soul needed and offered you this lovely home as a place to nest, grow, and dream. Hugs to you, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie

  20. So glad you have such a lovely place to land. It sounds very nurturing. I would die to live in such a house, I have to rent small places due to high rents and dream of living in such a beautiful place. Enjoy.

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