Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Geese Flying South

Colorful dishes.  Pretty!

The last of the summer roses...

Some Boho love...




A new favorite Renaissance painting

My inspiration board

More of my inspiration board

Shadows of night are lengthening, whispering winds float by, mellow evenings and beautiful sunsets spread across the sky while chill evening mists envelop the garden... and yes, I'm still here. Still waiting for our house to sell. I guess all these wistful feelings I've been harboring in my heart have something to do with letting go of all that has meant so much to me as I move forward into a new adventure... I cannot cut the umbilical cord—so it seems, but I do need to remember that each day is a journey... I'm also looking forward to this new life that's awaiting for me out there...

The geese are flying South... and thus I must fly too.

Really, living alone for a whole month has proven tougher than I'd ever imagined it to be... but I'm also discovering that I'm not as frail as I think I am and can manage life just fine by myself... In fact, a loner by nature, I treasure my time alone and although I miss my husband terribly, I truly enjoy the solitude of my moments...

I'm hoping our house will sell soon.... and I'm hoping for that 'perfect' for us home in our new place, and all the while, I am content with life... content with sunny days and cooler evenings, content with the songs of Nature I hear from my open window as I type and meditate in life and type some more... collecting the last of my roses, packing, enjoying my little moments and photographing my life, or what have been my life until now...

Hope this beautiful day finds you well and of course,
praying that all your day dreams may come true,
and more....


  1. Beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing with us. I felt I was opening the Victoria magazine...

  2. Hello,
    We do learn a lot about ourselves in changing times. I saw Geese flying by the other day - noticing the change in the length of days and the angle of the sun - treasuring each moment. I too like my alone time and look forward to when Dearest comes home - that makes those moments all the more sweet for what you have to share with one another. All will settle when it should.
    Have a blessed day,

  3. It is changing, this old wheel of the year. I love the change from summer to fall and winter to spring... The other two seem to slide unnoticed! Your inspiration boards are truly something! What a pretty breath of Bojo love.

    I know you are strong.. But I know you will love to fly South and begin to weave your spell of beauty on this next stage of life. I will love the moments you share...


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