Sunday, September 8, 2013

Doesn’t that beat all?

The world is full of magic things and magical moments...

Plant roses and foxglove and bring love into your life whenever you can... that's pure magic right there!

Delicious sultry days of pre-autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, serene and imperturbable. And how quiet the garden looks... and feels. Where have all those feathered friends and cheery chirps and twittering gone? And why isn't the garden no longer filled with musical sounds?  Ah these lovely late summer afternoons... they must have something to do with it!  One can't help but being quiet and feeling dreamy and wistful... and then... then there's this sense of wonder, and magic lingering in the cool afternoon breezes that inspires you to close your eyes and linger a littler longer under the sun; lift up your soul to the sky and dream and wish upon a cloud...  And hide too... hide away from the world. 

That's exactly how I'm feeling these days—kind of like the old witches in children's books; unbound by time and fashion... living my little life in my little world at my own tempo and only mindful of the important... of the rhythm of Nature, and the song she sings...

And how wonderful it has been—all through this spring and summer and now going into those astonishing magical days of autumn, free of the duties of the office, free in the spirit, free of undeserving unimportant people and all the confrontations and condemnations brought by binding obligations into our lives, while all the while there's so much beauty and goodness to live by out here...

Being free in the spirit, free in your soul, just following your dreams, riding invisible waves, walking over colorful rainbows... To be free! To feel free... and how marvelous and full my days are, and how very thankful I am... how satisfied and bursting with gratitude and thanksgivings....


  1. Have you moved yet and do you know where you are moving to? To leave your beautiful gardens, but you can have more beautiful gardens where you move to.
    Take care of your self and enjoy my dear friend.

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying your sweet gardens. I am assuming that you haven't moved yet? I am sure that is part of the wistful feeling, too....letting go of all that has meant so much to you as you move forward into a new adventure- xo Diana

  3. Oh, what a happy, happy, happy post. Thank you for this. What a wonderful way to begin the week... Reading happy uplifting words and thoughts...

    Not even mentioning the beautiful photos... Which are Joy, all by themselves...



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