Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The old familiar nostalgic feel pervades the early morning hours... 

Days are slowly vanishing beyond a premature chill. Gaudy afternoons are starting to lose their shade; already looking weary and somewhat somnolent. The garden is embracing sleep a tad earlier than usual. Summer wanes. Seasons change. Resolutions and dreams take physical form; they concretize, bringing an assortment of feelings which are difficult to explain, as thrill and uncertainty sync and dance in concert with life.

And thus, we sit back and watch with astounding eyes as life unfolds before us in surprising and unexpected ways.

We sit, and watch, and from time to time, too, stop to ponder and dream and smell the roses and collect petals, remembering that perhaps these are the last roses and the last petals ever to be collected and treasured from our dear garden.

Selling our house has been harder than we had ever anticipated it would be. Things are extremely tough for home sellers now that the market has been dropping for a while. In a down market like this, you have to be willing to make some concessions on price.   Still... no luck thus far.

The hardest part? Having to 'un-cluttered' the garden by removing some of the lovely bushes and perennials, in case they may be scaring away potential buyers who don't have the time or desire to care for a garden of this magnitude.


I am mystified and astonished beyond belief by all the things that have slowly been unfolding in both, my life and my husband's since the beginning of the year. Imperative decisions, huge changes. I believe that nothing is random, that there is always a reason or purpose to something; particularly true to those whose faith and trust are deposited on our Creator.

Yes, I certainly believe God has a plan or purpose for every one of us. Many people go through life without ever thinking about it—but that doesn't change the fact that God put us where we are for a purpose. Do you believe this? I hope you do!

May you be blessed abundantly.

PS:  We didn't get our house in the woods from my last post.   Our plans fell through at the last minute to someone who bid higher than the asking price.  And all on the same day we happened to put our offer... just minutes after, by the way. Isn't that odd? And thus, we are back to ground zero. No house. No prospect thus far.   Although I have my eyes set on this one now... well, maybe.

I really couldn't begin to thank you enough for all the kind emails, and thoughtful comments and prayers... and yes, even that special post! It is so wonderful to belong to this sisterhood of like-minded people like you. I love you all!


  1. There you are, my dear Cielo! You had dropped from my reading list at some point-somehow. I am trying to catch up here and realize that you are moving! Oh-No! All your work in those gardens! I know that you will start anew somewhere and God will bless you with abundant flowers and magic once again. I am praying for the sale of your home and that you find the perfect house for you- xo Diana

  2. Hola Cielo! I too have not been around the blog world but am slowly coming back to at least reading blogs...maybe I will write again. I get discouraged writing sometimes...
    Anyways, you are moving?! Where to, why?
    I know that there is a perfect house...or one that you will magically bring into perfection as you have done at this house. And someone will walk into yours and find the perfection I. It and buy it!
    Good luck...I will follow more so I know what's going on in your beautiful, magical garden!

  3. I can't imagine someone not wanting your garden. I am not sure where you live, but if we were looking for a home I would be interested in yours. We have nine years left here and when Hubby retires we will be looking for a new home in another state. I wish you good luck.

  4. I think this looks like the house for you, you had to lose the last one cause you were on your way to this one, whats meant to be you this new one...Phyllis

  5. Your garden is so beautiful. It must be hard to leave it behind. I left a garden 4 years ago and we are still struggling to get a new one going. I came to realize after we sold the old house that the new owners did not have a passion for gardening. The first thing they did was to tear out my precious David Austin roses. Broke my heart. You will find the perfect home and you will grow another beautiful garden.

  6. Oh my dear, you will find your dream house and will be able to plant your lovely gardens. Ask the people that are buying your home if they would like some of the plants removed and if they say yes - take them with you. I am sure your new home and garden will be stunning.
    Hang in there dear friend.

  7. We never know why God moves in the ways He does. He must have other plans in store for you along with all the blessings that come with it! The same kind of thing happened to me and He led me to this beautiful place on Golden Pond where life is quite fabulous.

    Blessings & prayers, Edie Marie

  8. I can't even imagine having to take apart your beautiful garden for potential new buyers. I would want to move away remembering it for all time just the way it was. But you do have beautiful photos of it and with your talent you will create another beautiful space.

  9. Wishing you and your sweetie well as you leave your beloved haven and anticipate a change in location. If you're moving anywhere near the gulf coast (did I dream that up or read it?), prepare for different plants and flowers in your next garden.

    Praying the way will open to your next perfect home - or if the way stays closed, might you be let to stay put?

    Big hugs!

  10. Immagino la difficoltà del momento.
    Il tuo giardino è bellissimo, piange il cuore nel lasciarlo.
    Ti auguro ogni bene.

  11. What a poignant post, I enjoyed it!
    Beautiful photos!

    And, I also believe :)


  12. I firmly believe that things happen as they should - as God meant for them to be. Having dealt with the wonderful and the terrible in my life, the common thread is the certainty of God's love, His thoughts toward me and his perfect plan. When we moved to our home here, I dug up most of my plants - fortunately we moved 2 hours away - not as far as you're going. Perhaps the bulbs can be dug up and boxed away to move. Cuttings from your roses, and such. I would gladly gift you with flowers and plants from my garden when you come East. I imagined you finding an old house like mine - with a story, interesting angles and old wavy glass. The right one will be ready for you when you're ready. Wish I lived closer, I'd help. Know this - you can fully put your faith and trust in God - isn't that a soul-warming thought - for all things do work together for good to them that love God.... Thinking of you and praying for you -

  13. I have had to move 28 times in 25 years due to renting. Part of the heartbreak of leaving somewhere you love, is leaving the garden. I never get over it. Best of luck but be thankful you can afford to buy a new home and make a new life and garden. Some of us will never had the opportunity to call anywhere home


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